Four reasons to choose a circus celebration for your kid’s birthday party

10 April 2017

Is the annual stress of organising your kid’s birthday party becoming a bit too much to handle? While a party is a tonne of fun for kids, it’s often a tonne of work for parents. Combine this with the expected sugar high from devouring all those lollies and you could end up with birthday party meltdown!

By choosing to have an organised, active kid’s birthday party you can reduce the stress levels and increase the amount of fun! Plus, active parties such as a circus party provide more than just a venue – they keep kids engaged in exercise-filled games rather than focusing on sweet treats. What’s more, they’ll enjoy learning a new skill while working off all that excess energy. All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy seeing all those happy smiling faces.

If that isn’t convincing enough, here’s four more reasons why active birthday parties rock!

1.Active parties are original

How often will kids get to hang upside down on a trapeze or learn to juggle from a professional? A circus party can offer that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to expose children to something new. Often, these experiences encourage children (and parents) to take up a class longer-term and build their skills even further.

2. Active parties teach new skills

Children love to be active and show off new skills. Combine that with the fun of a kid’s birthday party, and you have a winning recipe. With physical activities as the primary focus, not only will the kids learn something new but they’ll leave having absorbed something equally important – the value of teamwork!

3. Active parties offer skilled instructors

Active birthday parties are led by trained instructors and safety is the highest priority. Children are naturally curious, interested in exploring and interacting with their environments. By providing the space, equipment and staff, active parties allow kids to discover new skills in a safe, stimulating environment. While parents get to take all the credit for organising such a fun birthday activity.

4. Active parties allow for play

In contrast to passive party entertainment such as going to watch a movie or playing Xbox, active parties allow children to do what they do best – play! There are so many benefits to encouraging creativity through play such as developing their imagination, physical strength and cognitive ability. Plus, you’re helping to build active, healthy little bodies.

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