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Keep kids engaged through summer

Worried your child may be experiencing the 'summer slide'? Here's some great tips on how to keep kids engaged over the summer.

The surprising lessons of a library card

As well as offering a treasure trove of books and resources, the humble library card brings with it many surprising lessons.

How children (and parents) can enjoy the Prep year

The start of Prep can not only be daunting for children, but for parents too. Here's some tips on how you can all enjoy this first year.

Why is Prep such a magical year?

As the 2021 Preppies eagerly prepare for their new adventure, we chat to a Prep Teacher to find out what makes Prep such a magical year.

A new state-of-the-art childcare centre for Hope Island

Harmony Early Learning Journey has opened a new contemporary childcare centre on the Gold Coast. We swing by Hope Island to find out more.

The Year 5 switch: Benefits of changing schools in Year 5

Considering a switch in school? Rather than wait until Year 7, families are finding Year 5 is the perfect time to make the switch.

Inspiring Innovation at St Rita’s College in Brisbane

Throughout a challenging year, this innovative college in Brisbane continued to equip students and staff with essential collaborative skills.

The best back to school resources are at the library!

Getting set for the 2021 school year? We’ve scoured the library shelves (virtual and physical) for the best back-to-school resources for the whole family!

The secret to creating a successful Early Learning Centre

What goes into running a high quality ELC? We chat to Lauren Hall, founder and owner of Sanctuary Early Learning Adventure, to find out.

Fun ways to get kids excited about space

Space can be a tricky topic for kids to grasp! We chat to Kirsten Banks, astronomy educator to find how to get kids excited about space.

The importance of fostering childhood imagination

Imagination is integral not only for artistic activities, but also for science, maths and social/emotional intelligence.

St Andrew’s students revolutionise use of shark nets

Three St Andrew’s students plan to revolutionise the use of shark nets after winning the national final of the young entrepreneurship program Future Anything.

Community Kindergarten welcomes next generation

Ky Koszta’s love for outdoor spaces began when he was four years old, and he was able to play and explore at Tewantin Community Kindergarten.

Bespoke cloth nappies now available for childcare services

This Sunshine Coast cloth nappy service is now providing bespoke cloth nappies to childcare services - helping them to be more eco friendly.

Simple tips for nurturing your child’s first friendships

Do you have a kid starting Kindy soon? Here's how to support them in making and developing those precious first friendships.

10 Presumptions for Prep

If you have a child starting school next year, be prepared for a few surprises. King’s Christian College has some handy insider tips!

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