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Why a prep transition program really matters

A great prep transition program is about more than the first day. 
We head over to Sunshine Coast Grammar School to discover how they ensure every student has the best start to ‘big school’.

6 ways to make Maths fun for kids

Learning to think mathematically helps children become better problem solvers. Here's some easy ways to make maths fun!

We’ve found the best STEM resources! (They are free too!)

Looking for STEM resources for your child? Did you know there is a place that has the BEST STEM resources, and it's all totally free!

Why all kids need STEM skills

Once thought of as only important for those aiming for science degrees, STEM skills are rapidly becoming critical for ALL jobs of the future.

What is a typical day in the life of a Prep student?

What happens in a typical day of a Prep student? We asked Caloundra City Private School Prep teacher Ashleigh Bennett to find out more.

Locally Grown Young Inventors

As the Coast becomes the place for makers and creators, one school is tapping into this resource 
to grow the next generation of young inventors.

Free Bush Kindy on the Sunshine Coast

Bush Kindys have become the latest must-do for every preschooler… and with very good reason. Exploring the outdoors, establishing that beautiful connection with the natural world.

Is your child struggling at school?

Asking your child about his school day often elicits “School’s okay” followed by a hasty...

Overcoming separation anxiety

For many parents, new Preppies and children returning to school, this can be an extremely...

Prep for Prep – how to ensure a smooth transition

Preparing for the first year of school is an exciting time in the life of...

Countdown to starting school

Is your little one starting school this year? King's Christian College shares some top tips...

King’s Christian College opens a new school in Logan

Boasting 40 years’ experience in education, King’s Christian College has earned its place as one...

The Big Write helping to develop a love for literacy

The Big Write is helping students at Matthew Flinders Anglican College Sunshine Coast 
develop a big love for literacy.

Meet the Principal at Suncoast Christian College

From humble beginnings in a pineapple shed to becoming one of the Coast’s most respected...

10 educational apps to keep kids learning through the holidays

Yay, it’s school holiday time! For some families, this means a break from the busy-busy...

Introducing 21st century skills in the primary years

Unity College is set for dramatic growth with the introduction of an innovative STEM program to introduce 21st century skills to it's primary students.

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