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How Year 12 students are navigating the uncertainty of their final year

As 2020 proves a difficult year, spare a thought for Year 12 students in Queensland as they also grapple with a new standard tertiary pathway.

Construction starts on first state high school in Aura

Construction has commenced on Baringa High, Stockland Aura's first new state high school.

Why all kids need STEM skills

Once thought of as only important for those aiming for science degrees, STEM skills are rapidly becoming critical for ALL jobs of the future.

Learn how to protect yourself online

You can now learn how to protect yourself online, thanks to this new short course from TAFE Queensland - Introduction to Cyber Security.

9 ways to adjust to high school

Is your youngster starting high school this year? Teacher, Rachel Downie shares her tips for parents to help a child adjust to high school:

Is your child struggling at school?

Asking your child about his school day often elicits “School’s okay” followed by a hasty...

Meet the Principal at Suncoast Christian College

From humble beginnings in a pineapple shed to becoming one of the Coast’s most respected...

Coastal Discovery Van set to roll out across the Coast

As part of the launch of Sunshine Coast Council’s newest education tool, the Coastal Discovery...

The innovative school raising kids that care about the land

Offering a more organic style of learning, Agricultural Science at NCC is shaping a generation of kids that care about the land.

An innovative approach to tutoring

There are many reasons a child might need maths and English tutoring – the student...

Positive Education at QACI

Grit, optimism, resilience, growth 
mindset, engagement, and
 mindfulness; these are the skills students are equipped with through Positive Education at QACI.

What does the future hold for our kids?

Ever wondered what the next generation thinks about the world they will inherit? We asked...

Why IB schools and global education are critical for the future

In today’s world, there is a much-needed shift in how we educate our kids, and IB Schools like QACI are leading the way in global education.

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