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The Screen Time Budget

Christopher Hogbin, the name behind Reading Eggs and Mathletics, shares his secret to negotiating the minefield of screen time.

The podcast about play that we can’t get enough of!

Love podcasts? At the top of our playlist at the moment is Play It Forward - a podcast about play hosted by Wearthy's Lukas Ritson. We chat to Lukas to find out more.

Should I give my child a smartphone?

Buying your child a smartphone is always a big step for any parent. Here's how to weigh up the pros and cons of getting your child a mobile.

Teaching kids to spot fake news

With the huge volume of information online it can be 
tricky to identify fake news. How do we teach kids to be wise to misinformation?

4 simple tricks to get kids to put down their devices

Struggling to get kids off their devices? These simple tricks will have kids WANTING to put those screens down and have some screen-free fun!

7 iPad settings for kids EVERY parent should know about

Worried about where your kids could end up (or what they might buy) during iPad time? These clever iPad features are a MUST-DO for all parents.

Online grooming – is your child at risk?

It’s a challenging, terrifying and grisly subject, but with online technology now being the primary...

Keeping kids safe online

With technology changing faster than you can say ‘snapchat’, how do we keep kids safe online whilst still allowing them the freedom they crave?

Can you use technology to strengthen relationships?

Technology is a big part of daily life. As well as being a distraction, technology can be used to strengthen family relationships. Here's how.

Relax, screen time CAN be a good thing!

Screen time is a huge source of parental guilt. Well, kick the guilt to the kerb, because screen time CAN be a good thing!

We’ve found the best STEM resources! (They are free too!)

Looking for STEM resources for your child? Did you know there is a place that has the BEST STEM resources, and it's all totally free!

How to get kids enthusiastic about science (without the stress!)

Want to get your kids more enthusiastic about science? Here are 4 great ways to spark curiosity and encourage both boys and girls.

Locally Grown Young Inventors

As the Coast becomes the place for makers and creators, one school is tapping into this resource 
to grow the next generation of young inventors.

10 educational apps to keep kids learning through the holidays

Yay, it’s school holiday time! For some families, this means a break from the busy-busy...

My child wants a phone… what now?

At some point in your parenting journey, you will reach the crossroads where your child wants a phone. How do you choose one that is right for you both?

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