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The new game designed to help young people manage anxiety

Kids Helpline has launched their first official game! Designed to help young people manage anxiety, it’s one every parent should bookmark. 

My kids won’t eat veggies!

Kids won't eat veggies? With a few little tricks, you can help your child feel more confident about trying those green veggies.

What is Sensory Processing Disorder?

Sensory processing disorder affects around one in every 20 children. Occupational therapist Paul Newcombe explains what's going on.

Does your child still wet the bed?

Does your child still wet the bed? The professionals at Continence Australia share parents a few basic tips to help prevent bedwetting.

Instilling a love for fitness in kids

How do we instil a love for fitness in kids from an early age, and provide them with the foundations for enjoying sport for life?

There is more to learning to dance than just dancing

Learning to dance is a fun way to get fit and active. But did you know it comes with a bundle of other surprising benefits?

Christmas. A good time to reset and look after YOU

Let's be honest, 2020 has been quite a year. And as it comes to an end, it's important to ensure you find the time to look after you.

Dealing with a picky eater – what to do?

It’s normal for children to go through phases of being a picky eater. But when it seems like more than a phase, what can you do?

Is your child suffering from Aquaphobia?

Is your child scared of the water? They may be suffering from Aquaphobia. Here’s what you can do to help them to begin to enjoy the water.

Dealing with end-of-year busyness

Feeling overwhelmed by the end-of-year chaos? Here are some of the things you can do to get through the end-of-year busyness:

Learn to swim: As vital as ABC

Learning to swim is such a critical part of childhood. We chat to the experts at Rackley Swimming to find out why.

Recognising the signs of post-natal depression

Postnatal depression can affect up to 15% of mums, but realising there is a problem is challenging. Do you know the signs?

What is Behaviour Support, and how do I access it?

No matter how hard we try, sometimes we face behavioural issues with our kids. But when is it time to seek professional support?

The grassroots movement promoting dads’ mental health

We chat with the dad behind growing grassroots movement ‘Grab Life By The Balls’ to find out about dads' mental health, mateship and the power of a BBQ.  

The psychological effects of coronavirus (COVID-19) on children 

With lots of change, stress and worry, the effects of coronavirus have been significant on mental health But what about our kids?

Preventing tooth decay in kids

Wondering how to prevent tooth decay in kids? 
We spoke to Paediatric Dentists Dr Sarah and Dr Tim 
from the Children’s Dental Centre to find out.

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