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18 March 2015

As the use of smart devices become a part of daily life, the team at Kidherostories were determined to inject some personality into tech time and convert it into memories that can be cherished for a lifetime. Kidherostories aims to share children’s love for reading across various age groups by creating customised, personalised e-stories for your little ones, featuring their pictures and names. Simply order and receive a new e-book story every week, starring your child, delivered to your laptop, tablet or smartphone at the press of a button.

How does it work?

Step One – Choose your age group/category

  • Toddler Series – customised for little ones aged three or less, this layout is full of beautiful big pictures and fonts and the stories are simple yet captivating, with animals, landscape and great adventures.
  • Pre-School Series – designed for kids 4-5 years old, Kidherostories creates adventures to reflect inquisitive natures and curious imaginations.
  • Early Reader Series – with this age group starting their early education and settling with their friends from school, Kidherostories has crafted stories designed to be read out loud and shared with family and friends.
  • Sibling Series – for the beautiful family with siblings, Kidherostories takes the entire troupe on a memorable journey to an amusement park or the circus.
  • Family Tailored – include pictures of parents or grandparents. Series Kidherostories takes the entire family for a day out at the park or on holiday. This is a great way to cherish those priceless family memories.

Step Two – Submit the Pictures and Names of your precious ones – Visit Kidherostories for file size and photo tips.

Bonus – Write Your Own Book

While Kidherostories does its absolute best to create fantastic and creative worlds kids can escape to, for those truly personal experiences, we offer parents the chance to write their own stories that we will then turn into books that will stay with the family for life.

To find out more, including pricing visit

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