NOTICEBOARD: Ascot State School - putting the A in STEAM

27 June 2018

Ascot State School has put the A in STEAM recently , celebrating ART WEEK. Students have participated in a range of creative workshops during their lunch break, based around the theme ‘Into the Wild’.

“At Ascot State School we are inspiring students to be creative thinkers, problem solvers, innovators and effective communicators. We recognise that engaging students in creative pursuits is a necessary 21st century skill,” said School Principal Gayle Coleman.

Art Week complements the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) program across the school, where students are already engaged in hands-on, collaborative, creative lessons with STEAM educator, Ms Kristine Atkins.

Prep and Year 1 students improved their fine motors skills as they cut, manipulate, fold and colour to create spiders and jungle masks, whilst older students gained greater confidence in their artistic ability and further developed their relationships with their younger buddies as they assisted them. Queensland Academy for Creative Industries (QACI) students conducted a workshop with Year 6 Ascot students, to create collaborative mono-printmaking designs.

More than 750 students in the primary school dressed ‘Into the Wild’ wearing costumes or coloured clothes. “Making costumes engages our students in recognising the features of wild animals from the stripes of a zebra to the bright feathers of a peacock,” said Ms Coleman.

Wild animals visited the students adding some fun and excitement. These included:

  • Roy the Brisbane Lion (AFL);
  • Kane the State of Origin cane toad (Rugby League);
  • Missy the Firebird (Netball);
  • Red the Koala (Rugby Union);
    P.D ‘Sarge’ /Police Dog Sergeant (from Queensland Police); and
  • Pat the Dog (CBA Banking mascot).

“Art Week fosters inclusion of all ages and artistic ability,” said the School’s Artist in Residence. “We are a multicultural school that embrace the richness of diversity, with many parents taking time out of their busy lives to come and support Art at Ascot.”

“Our children embraced STEAM initiatives as they created their art pieces using recycled items,” said Ms Coleman. Children made paper plates into spinning snake kites, learning about wind, speed and surface area as they flew their kites on the oval. The children used recycled cardboard tubes to make musical instrument ‘rainmakers’. Again learning how the internal structure of the tube made different sounds as the rice fell from top to bottom.”

Art Week allows students to have fun, whilst exploring their creative mind.

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Kids on the Coast/Kids in the City

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