NOTICEBOARD: Continuing a family tradition at St Hilda’s

06 March 2019

St Hilda's is a school with a long family tradition. Jane Henning’s family has a long history with St Hilda’s School dating back to 1933!

Coming from a cattle property in Glenmorgan, Queensland (out towards Goondiwindi) Jane, the youngest of four girls, started at St Hilda’s this year as a Grade 7 boarder. Jane has two older sisters, Kate, Grade 11 and Peggy, Grade 9, who currently attend St Hilda’s and her oldest sister, Annabelle, graduated in 2017. It doesn’t end there, Jane’s mother Wendy graduated from St Hilda’s in 1991, and is still involved at the school as the President of the Boarder Parents Support Group. Jane’s grandmother Susan Bamford-Fuller graduated in 1958, having recently attended her 60th school reunion and Jane’s great aunt Cecily Douglas graduated in 1935.

An aspiring swimmer, Jane would wake up at 5am and have a 180km round trip three times a week to the nearest pool at Surat for swimming training! Now she can wake up and walk down to St Hilda’s pool.


Written by

Amardy Baucke / Deputy Editor

Amardy is a Family and Children's Mindset Coach, and Deputy Editor for Kids on the Coast/Kids in the City. Her goal is to inspire people to live a healthy wholesome lifestyle.

Living on the sunny Gold Coast Amardy is a dedicated wife and mother of three beautiful children.

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