EDUCATION: Nurturing Coolum's early learners at Dragonfly’s

30 April 2018

Choosing a daycare centre for your little one can often be one of the toughest early parenting decisions you can make. For parents in Coolum that decision has become a whole world easier with Dragonfly’s Early Learning Centre. With spaces filling up fast Dragonfly's Early Learning offer quality care and education for the region’s early learners and prides themselves on being a back to nature, nurturing environment.

“Our thoughtfully designed environment enables children to feel safe and secure and offers a real sense of belonging,” owner Jodie Crawley said. “The spaces also provide great opportunities for self-expression and the development of positive relationships.”

The environment

Dragonfly’s provides a holistic approach to education in an indoor–outdoor inclusive environment.

“The centre boasts tonnes of outdoor play space, with individual outdoor areas for toddler, pre-kindy and Kindergarten children. And each area is rich in challenges that support their physical development,” Jodie explained. “One of our play areas is aptly named ‘The Forest’, where several big beautiful trees grow!”

And it is in this extensive outdoor space where children can also begin to learn the value of sustainable living – growing vegetables, gardening, exploring and connecting with nature.

“It’s important to embed a connection with nature into the children’s lives and teach children the importance of sustainable practices at this critical early age” said Jodie.

One of the biggest appeals to local parents is the daily organic and free-range meal catering provided at Dragonfly’s courtesy of a local Noosa chef. Not only does this ensure key nutritional requirements are met every day for little learners but also Mum and Dad don’t need to pack a lunch box each day!

Dragonfly’s is also a chemical-free environment ensuring your little one is kept safe from any nasties and harmful toxins.

The program

Offering a child-centred program based upon the principles and practices outlined in the National Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), Dragonfly’s program focuses on the value of PLAY and caters from 6 week to 5 year olds.

With activities and experiences catering for each child’s individual development it’s a stimulating program designed to assist in the development of the whole child setting every child up with a lifelong love for learning.

“We believe in the importance of interest-based learning,” said Jodie. “Children are more willing to engage and participate in learning when their interests are being stimulated.”

And if that’s not enough there’s soccer, tennis and yoga too!

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