Reflecting on 
kindergarten and preparing for big school

04 January 2020

At the start of a new year, the next step in a child’s learning journey is on the minds of many families. Transition to ‘big school’ has already begun as children share the name of their new school with each other and start to envisage their next step.

Transition statements are done, the end of the last school year celebrations wrapped up - this is all part of the process, the opportunity for a farewell to bring the year to a close and to get ready for what lies ahead.

The Soaring Seagulls at Sanctuary Early Learning Adventure had a very busy year in 2019. There is something quite wonderful about the kindergarten year, setting those early learning foundations before children venture off to new horizons.

Last January doesn’t seem that long ago, when the little learners started their kindy journey – a little bit shy and not quite sure on what was in store, but ready and excited for the year ahead. But oh, how they have grown!

This growth has happened in every sense, as they now enter the room each morning as confident and independent learners. Everyone in a child’s life has played a vital part in this development throughout the year – with encouragement and assistance from educators, love and support from home and blossoming friendships that will hopefully continue well into school.

Starting Prep is such an important milestone in the lives of all families, many parents ask what they can expect and how they can be ready? It is such a big step; how can we aim to get it right?

Talk to your kindy teacher if you have concerns, they know your child and can advise on strategies to ease the transition. Visit the school, walk past it on the weekend so they know the route. Connect with friends during the summer break that are going to the same school, so your child has existing friendships on their first day.

Here are areas of school readiness that Sanctuary Early Learning Adventure has been focusing on throughout the 2019 kindergarten year.

Recognising their name: This will be helpful in their prep classroom and managing their own independence which will be vital once they are in a full classroom of new faces.

Strengthening social skills: Something that has been addressed all year is the high importance of social skills valuing independence, starting to empathise and really listen to their friends and teachers. Independence skills are vital to the children once they are at Prep – looking after their hat, finding their water bottle and managing their fruit breaks and lunchtimes.

A love of reading: Fostering a love of being read to and enjoying books daily will continue to embed the reading behaviour already happening in pre-school.


By Claudia Smith, Early Childhood Teacher | 1300 00 PLAY
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