LUNCHBOX: 12 freezer-friendly kids’ lunchbox ideas

20 January 2017

Get organised and escape the daily lunchbox dilemma with our sweet and savoury, freezer-friendly kids’ lunchbox ideas!

In your quest to become a school lunch ninja, why not reach the ultimate level of kitchen zen with our freezer-friendly lunchbox yumyums?

After all, we hate that morning frenzy — filling lunchboxes, packing bags, coaxing down breakfast… and let’s not get started on the battle of brushing teeth! So, simplify the daily chaos by having our favourite healthy lunchbox items ready to go in the freezer.

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1. The Very Best Banana Bread

160226 freezerfoods

Hands up ­– who has an overripe banana or two lurking in the fruit bowl! Put them to use with this super-yummy, super-simple banana bread. Low in sugar and utterly delicious, this banana bread is the perfect lunchbox addition.

2. Banana Weet-Bix Muffins

160226 freezerfoods2

Muffins are the ideal size for little fingers in lunchboxes. And yummy bananas mixed with the energy of Weet-Bix… what’s not to love?!

By The Organised Housewife

3. Coconut & Lemon Bliss Balls

160226 freezerfoods3

Amaze-balls! With coconut and almond meal and no baking required, these little bliss balls are super-healthy and quick to make!

4. Gluten, Grain, Dairy & Sugar-Free Blueberry Muffins

160226 freezerfoods4

Kids love the fruitiness; you love the healthiness! There is even a nut free version, for those concerned about allergies.

5. Raw Avocado Chocolate Balls

160226 freezerfoods5

Guilt-free chocolate?! No WAY! An ideal lunchbox treat or afternoon snack… just make sure you save one for yourself!

6. No-Bake Energy Bars

160226 freezerfoods6

Anything yummy that doesn’t require baking is a sure hit for both kids and Mum! Packed full of healthy fats and oats, these delicious no-bake bars will never make the return trip home.


7. Ham & Cheese Scrolls

160226 freezerfoods7

Simple to make and ideal for little fingers, these bite-sized scrolls are a great alternative to the plain old ham & cheese sandwich.

by Create Bake Make

8. Savoury Scones with Ham & Cheese 

160226 freezerfoods8

Proving that scones don’t always have to be sweet, this savoury version is easy to make and always popular in a lunchbox!

by Cooking for Busy Mums

9. Savoury Muffins

160226 freezerfoods9

If you are looking for ways to sneak extra veggies into a lunchbox, these savoury muffins are the perfect answer! Delicious and fuss-free!

by My Lovely Little Lunchbox

10. Bacon & Cheese Bread Quiches 

160226 freezerfoods10

Super-simple to make and they freeze for two months, these bacon & cheese quiches are great to have in the freezer as a lunchbox staple.

by Donna Hay

11. Zucchini & Pasta Slice

160226 freezerfoods11

A good lunchbox is all about variety, and these zucchini & pasta slices offer the perfect break from sandwiches and bread-based lunches.

by Planning with Kids

12. Roast Fetta, Pumpkin & Parmesan Loaf

160226 freezerfoods12

A savoury alternative to banana bread, this yummy loaf is delicious cold and is always popular with the munchkins! Slice before you freeze for a super-easy lunchbox snack.

by One Handed Cooks

Which of these kids’ lunchbox ideas do you think your kids will love the most?

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