REVIEW: Travelshoot - a new website that puts mums back in the picture

06 April 2018

Mums everywhere have faced the struggle of trying to capture family photos that include the whole family. Now, Travelshoot is solving this problem by putting mums back in the frame of family memories.

Through their website, Travelshoot connects all types of travellers with local photographers across the globe to capture moments from family holidays, honeymoons, destination weddings and more. Travellers simply select their destination and available dates before leaving for their trip and Travelshoot arranges for the photographer guide them through photo shoots at iconic locations around the city.

Initially, co-founder Sarah Pearce thought that honeymooners would be the main customer base interested in Travelshoot’s services. However, as bookings starting to come through, she noticed a clear trend towards mothers booking Travelshoots so that everyone can be in the frame.

“After a quick Google search, we realised there is a whole online movement of mothers begging husbands and partners to take more photos of them, so that they have memories of the whole family to cherish later in life. “Instead of obsessing over getting selfies for the whole trip or putting pressure on Mum to be the perfect photographer, they both knew that their Travelshoot photos would capture their holiday perfectly and preserve those memories forever.”

Travelshoot is currently available in more than 60 destinations across Australia and the world. Find out more at

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