EASTER: Family fun for older kids

31 March 2015

I grew up in a very competitive household. To this day, we still have a record book to document and keep track of who is currently winning each family competition (eg. most laps of the pool underwater, quickest person to go around the house on the scooter five times). 

Now that there are grandkids involved, our family occasions result in a number of record challenges with the winners cheered and the losers laughed at – don’t worry, they don’t laugh at younger children, just teenagers and adults. Oh, an important fact…the results are invalid if my father doesn’t witness the achievement. I am proud to say that I’m still the record holder of the most underwater somersaults (forward and backwards), longest headstand and longest amount of time hula hooping. Yeah, bring it on family!

As a child we had reward systems (eg. at age 8 we were paid 20c if we’d get up before school and go to swim club) and we had fines (eg. we had to pay 50c out of our pocket money each time we didn’t do the dishes after dinner). When I got my first job at a bakery, I secretly decided to stop doing the dishes. It was win-win for everyone really. Dad was satisfied that I was being punished – my pocket money of $5 was paid back in fines – and I was satisfied that I’d employed my father to do the dishes for me. Everyone won!

So with all of the above in mind, I thought ‘why should Easter fun be all about younger children when families with older kids could have a laugh too’.

Introducing... THE... EASTER... GAMES (said with an imposing voice). The aim of the game? TO WIN.

Who qualifies to play? Anyone who no longer receives a visit from the Easter bunny.

Why play? No play, no eggs...and the winner’s prize is amazing!

Here’s what to do…


Advise the family

Advise your family that they will no longer be handed their Easter eggs on Easter morning. They will be required to work for the eggs. Let them know that on Sunday morning they should meet at a set time in comfortable clothes.

Purchase supplies

You’ll need the following:

  • 1 x carrot per person in the competition (grated in a bowl)
  • 6 x water bombs per person in the competition
  • 1 or two cartons of eggs
  • dishwashing detergent.
  • 1 x printed photo of each person in the competition (A4 size)
  • a pre-prepared family quiz
  • pen & paper to keep score


These are your family’s ‘normal’ Easter present, however, they are no longer fair and equal! The winner gets more eggs, the loser less! If you have more than two kids, you may have a runners-up prize.


1. Eat your dinner, bunny

Umpire advises – “You are the Easter Bunny. You need to have dinner before delivering eggs to the children. Eat up your meal. You have a lot of children to visit. By the way, rabbits don’t have hands.”

Instructions – Grate a carrot for each competitor and put it in a bowl on the ground. The first person to finish the bowl of carrot is given five points, the second person gets two points.

2. Hold on to the eggs, bunny

Umpire advises – “Being the Easter Bunny is tough. You have to deliver the eggs in all kind of conditions. Prove that you can handle your eggs with skill.”

Instructions – Each competitor receives a single water bomb, then soaps up their hands with dishwashing detergent. The person who can throw the water bomb the highest AND catch it gets five points, the second person gets two points. The competitor is disqualified if their water balloon breaks. They need to advise you when they are happy with their latest entry submission and at that point, they can have no more attempts.

3. Find the kids, bunny

Umpire advises – “It can be tricky locating all of the kids in the world. You can’t miss any or they’ll be very upset. Prove you can do this quickly and efficiently.”

Instructions – You print off an A4 photo of each of the competitors and stick this somewhere inside or outside the house. The first person to return to you with their photo gets five points, the second person gets two points.

4. Don’t trip over the kids’ toys, bunny

Umpire advises – “There are lots of hazards out there in the world and you need to be able to manoeuvre them without breaking any eggs. Prove you can do this.”

Instructions – Put eggs outside on the ground, quite close together. Let each competitor see the eggs, then blindfold them and tell them they need to make it to the other side without breaking the eggs.

5. Only good bunnies can do this job

Umpire – “The Easter Bunny is a family-oriented bunny. Prove you are”.

Make up five questions about your family, for example:

I know your birthday. What’s mine...including the year?

How did your dad and I meet?

What was the name of your sister’s teacher last year?

Each player receives five water bombs. The umpire of the game reads each question and the competitors indicate that they know the answer by busting the water balloon on their head. They answer the question; if they get it right, they get two points but if they get it wrong, they lose a point. At the end of the game, the losers have the remaining water balloons slammed on their head.

Feel free to invent a few more games if you want the fun to continue for a little longer! 

Written by

Karen Ghidella
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