Life Stories

LOCAL LIFE: We meet... Plastic Boy!

Twelve-year-old Arlian Ecker from Byron Bay, known as Plastic Free Boy, is on a mission to unite and educate kids about the problems and solutions of plastic pollution. We chat to him to find out...


NEWS: National songwriting competition launches on the Gold Coast

Do you have a budding musician at home? This national songwriting competition could be their first step to stardom.


TEENS: Helping our kids through Year 12

Year 12 can be pretty hectic for all involved! The constant assignments, stressful exams, post-school future looming and the pull of increasing independence can take its toll on students and parents...

Parenting Files

PARENTING: When will my kid be old enough to do that?

When can your child walk to school on their own? Or stay home alone? We have the answers…

Parenting Files

10 Ways to Build Self-Confidence in Your Teenage Daughter

Current pressures of the media make growing up even harder for young girls. To mark International Women's Day, we look at how you can help build your daughters’ self-confidence.

Family Health

Mental health and discrimination among top concerns for teens

Australia’s youth services need to be more targeted

Family Health

Kids as young as 8 years old, now reaching puberty

10% of girls show some signs of puberty before they are 8 years old

Parenting Files

What can you do if your child is being cyberbullied?

Cyberbullying is a very real worry for parents. But what can you do if you think your child is falling victim to online bullies?

Life Stories

From ‘World’s Ugliest Woman’ to Anti-Bullying Hero – Lizzie Velasquez

“Do everyone a favour and kill yourself!” How one inspirational young woman went from cyberbully victim to one of the most influential anti-bullying campaigners in the world.

Things to Do

EPIC Adventure camp is coming this summer!

The long summer break is just around the corner! How about five days of outdoor adventure, camping and fun summer activities to keep those little ones off screens and entertained?


Is your teen getting enough sleep?

There is actually a biological reason as to why teens find it hard to wake up early

Life Stories

Meet our teenage entrepreneurs

Here are a few of our local young business whizzes