Parenting Files

TRAVEL: Road tripping with a toddler

Are we there yet? Whinging, screaming, can’t settle your child? Better yet there's still another 5 hours to go. Yes, road tripping with a toddler has its downsides and as a parent almost everyone...

Parenting Files

HOME: 5 rainy day activities for kids

No more 'I'm bored!' Here's our top 5 rainy day activities to fill a stormy weekend.

Parenting Files

TECH: Emojis and what they REALLY mean to teens

Do you know your eggplant from your mailbox? Kids today using emojis to chat in their own code, and the meanings will surprise you!


PROFILE: Meet the Principal, St Andrew's Anglican College

Since opening it’s doors in 2003, St Andrew’s Anglican College has rapidly grown to become one of the leading schools on the Sunshine Coast. We chat to Principal Reverend Chris Ivey to find out...


NEWS: Australia's first playground made from recycled beauty products opens on the Gold Coast

Australia’s first playground made with recycled beauty products has been unveiled on the Gold Coast.


WELLBEING: Signs your child is not coping with formal schooling

Worried your child isn't settling well into school? Here are the signs and what to do.


WELLBEING: Extreme heat conditions: Preparing our kids

This heat is affecting both children and adults. My 10-year-old daughter came home from school last week and told me during and after practising for the school cross country she had a throbbing...


FUNDRAISING: School parents can help their kid's school raise funds and reap the benefits, with Entertainment Book

Entertainment provides a simple and feel-good way to fundraise, while supporting local business and being kind on the consumer hip pocketEntertainment has helped raise over $5 million each year for...

Pregnancy & Babies

BIRTH: Postpartum periods: everything you need to know plus menstrual cups

If you’ve had a baby, or several babies, you know that your body has gone through some major changes. I mean come on, you built a HUMAN inside your uterus! The way you take care of yourself during...


WELLBEING: The benefits of Yoga for children

Yoga is an activity with countless benefits for children, here are just a few...


EDUCATION: High School Careers Program a first for the Sunshine Coast

Imagine a high school asking your child ‘What do you love?’ and then working with them to develop a personalised learning program that is tailored around their passions and career goals.


FINANCE: 5 Hacks for Working Mums to Boost the Budget in 2019

Busy professional parents often find that the “mental load” of juggling kids, life and a career means that making those little changes to boost their financial fitness can fall further down the...