PARENTING: 5 ways to get your child to LISTEN!

Does your child have selective hearing? Join the club! Selective hearing appears to be an epidemic among children, so how can we fix it?!

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Defining Dyspraxia

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10 Sensory Spelling Ideas

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Baby, don’t eat that!

Babies love to touch things, look at things, smell things, hear things and of course taste things! Here are some tips and tricks to help mouthing.

When Seeking a Diagnosis

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What is Low Muscle Tone?

Find out what exactly is Low Muscle Tone and what it means for your child.

Auditory Processing Disorder

It’s common to have to call our child multiple times before they respond, but how do you know when there is a problem and that they may have Auditory Processing Disorder? This article explains.

Tactile Defensiveness

Tactile Defensiveness, a symptom of Sensory Processing Disorder, can be confusing for a child’s body. Here are 3 things you may not know about it.