Pregnancy Myths

Your obstetrician can’t tell you the sex of your unborn baby without an ultrasound, so what makes you think that your grandmother can? The mysteries of the female body and the natural processes of...

Luxury Parents-Only Escapes

Where does your relationship with your partner fall in your list of life’s priorities? Pretty high? Most of us would say so. But having children often means getting caught up in the day-to-day and...


Kids are a huge part of Tara Colegrave's world. Brisbane mum Tara joins us to share an insight into family life and juggling school teaching in Brisbane with recording for the BBC preschool channel cBeebies in Sydney.

Renee Cook – Renee’s Goodies

Noosa mum Renee Cook never imagined that her own struggles with breastfeeding her sons would lead to the creation of a thriving business. Renee now helps mums all over Australia with her range of baked items and other food and drink products to help improve lactation.

Artist Leonie Rhodes

Leonie Rhodes is an award-winning multidisciplinary Gold Coast-based artist for whom collaborating with young people has always been a significant part of her work. Leonie joins us to talk about what drives and inspires her as an artist and why she enjoys sharing her artistic passion with local children.

Antenatal Classes for Dads

The brainchild of midwife and father-of-3 Dale Ballentine, is an antenatal class for dads-to-be held in a local Brisbane pub. Dale joins us to share his unique approach to antenatal classes for expectant dads and how important he feels the role of the father is in pregnancy, birth and parenthood

Meet Trudy Olive

Following the death of her 4-year-old son, Trudy Olive has worked tirelessly to discover the cause of his death. Trudy explains the work of the Shine for Thomas Foundation, the charity they established after Tom’s death to raise funds for awareness, support and research of rhabdomyolysis and shares how her family lives every day with this rare condition.

Meet Annie Love

We all experience challenges in our lives but Annie Love from Brisbane has had more than her fair share over the past few years. Annie and her husband Ben, together with their beautiful sons Sam (7),...