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Chatbox Speech Pathology and Nutrition

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    Brisbane, Queensland, 4000, Australia

ChatBox is Brisbane's largest, and most accessible, home visiting Speech Pathology practice. We’re dedicated to quality speech therapy, results that last and the best customer service. With many years of experience providing speech pathology services to children and adults in the Brisbane, Logan and Ipswich areas we have the knowledge, skills and experience to make things better for you and your family. We have speech therapists trusted by hundreds of families because we deliver results to your door.

Our home (school, kindy, wherever) approach means you learn the skills to take control of your child's development and direct it how you want it to go. We're known for our friendly, flexible and client centred approach and aim to provide the absolute best customer service experience. Our service area stretches from Caboolture in the north, to Ormeau in the south and out west to Ipswich.

We specialise in delayed language, social skills, literacy and articulation (sound errors). Solid backgrounds in Autism Spectrum Disorders and behaviour management mean we're great with challenging kids and really good at pulling all the threads together to help you figure out what's going on and put together a plan to make things better. We also run Brisbane's only home visiting feeding clinic for picky feeders and tricky eaters.

We're dedicated to being an accessible, equitable service. We don't maintain a waiting list, if we can't see you inside of 2-4 weeks, we'll let you know straight away so you don't waste time waiting for help. We also give back to the community that supports us by doing free talks and group consultations for parent groups and charitable organisations. We believe that this focus on working for others is what makes our service unique.

Call us on 3371 0970 and find out for yourself.


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