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Conroy Dance Centre

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    34 Kremzow Road, Brendale Queensland 4500, Australia

One of Australia's leading performing arts schools, 'Conroy Dance Centre' in Brisbane is a training ground for future stars of stage and screen across all genres of dance and musical theatre. Established over 50 years ago, the dance school has a proud reputation for excellence in a family-based environment.

Former students are now dancing professionally all over the world in musical theatre, film, Moulin Rouge, international cruise lines, Disneyland, Universal Studios & more.

Experienced teachers, award-winning choreography, and every opportunity for the developing performer!

Junior School

Junior School caters for beginner dancers from 2 - 7 years of age. Naturally all of our teachers are fully qualified dance teachers with years of early childhood experience! We have a purpose-built children's waiting area with videos, tables/chairs just the right size for tiny dancers, and a waiting room supervisor on duty.

Progressive levels ensures that the classes can be perfectly catered to the physical and emotional development of the tiny dancer, providing challenge and fun at every age.

Mummy & Me (2 - 3 years)

For those taking their very first dance steps. Run, skip, bounce, wiggle and jump!! Mummy or Daddy come along & join in the fun with these tiniest of dancers!!

Just Me (2.5 - 3.5 years)

Now I'm big enough to go to dancing all by myself!! Lots of fun learning to skip, galop, wiggle and jump!!

Kindy (3 - 4 years)

This is a fun class for tiny tots to learn to love and enjoy dance. The class consists of ½ hr of fun ballet including skipping, pointing and 'fairy' dancing, ½ hour of Up-Tempo Jazz, and Song and Dance and ¼ hour of story/acting. May come twice a week if you wish.

Pre-School (4 - 5 years)

There are three classes in this little package. The first class focuses on the foundation steps of ballet, the second in tap/ jazz, and the third class is a Tiny Tots Song & Dance to begin developing the musicality and singing ability of these little ones. The children love the rhythm and excitement of these classes, and particularly love the opportunity to work with 'real' microphones. All 3 classes run on the one convenient day for parents!! An 'Ultimate' package is also available for these children who wish to do all classes and attend twice a week. For our tiniest tumblers there is also an additional Junior Acrobatic Class held on Saturday.

Pre-Primary (5 - 6 years)

These classes are run exactly as Pre-School classes, only the work is of a higher level (3 classes on the same day). They are taught the basics of ballet, tap and jazz in the first two ¾ hour classes, and then children are taught the delights of song and dance, in the third ½- ¾hour segment. They are encouraged at this age to take the CSTD Tinies A Jazz/Tap exam in October, though this is certainly not compulsory. Acrobatics is also available at this level. Tuesday class is a little shorter time and is a slightly cheaper price.

Primary (6 - 7 years)

It is recommended that at this level children take a two day a week program. This has a ballet class, followed by a tap class, on one day, and a ballet class followed by a jazz class and a Song & Dance class, on the second day. This two day a week program is essential for exams. Children may take fun jazz, musical theatre and acrobatics at this stage and we recommend all or some of these extra subjects. Classes are Wednesday and Saturday. We have a Basic, Superior or an Ultimate Package for you to choose from.

Most classes at the above levels are approx. $10 per class.

Intermediate and Senior School

Classes for students Grade 1 upward (approx. 7-8 yrs up) are available in all subjects and in all levels. Most students take upward of 5 classes per week at this level. Acrobatics and Musical Theatre are also very popular.

Most classes are approx. $10.50 per class. Classes include:


Classes in all levels to cater for children through to professional standard. These classes develop flexibility, strength, and co-ordination, and include technical jazz, funk, hip-hop and traditional styles. Examinations available in the CSTD Modern Jazz Syllabus through to Diploma standard.

Song & Dance

These are a very important part of our curriculum, as it is essential that all dancers have the ability to sing as well as dance. Highly recommended for all students. Our students are always very successful in Musical Theatre Auditions and have performed in many professional productions both as children and adults.


An essential class for every dance student, classical ballet teaches posture, grace and correct technical placement to allow the dancer to correctly and safely dance all styles. We follow the RAD classical ballet syllabus, entering students from Primary - Grade 8 in the Graded Examination Syllabus, and from Intermediate Foundation - Advanced 2 in the Major Vocational Examinations.


Available in all levels through to Diploma standard, tap dancing enhances rhythm & musicality, benefitting all other dance styles studied. We follow the CSTD Tap Syllabus, and offer examinations from Elementary Bronze through to Diploma. Open classes also include excerpts of the Glen Wood Tap Syllabus.


Specialised diploma classes are offered to students of qualifying standard to enable them full preparation for their CSTD Teaching Certificate & Diploma examinations in Modern Jazz, Tapping and Theatrical.

Musical Theatre

These classes teach musical theatre repertoire from musicals with the emphasis on drama & singing.


This subject is taught on Saturdays using specialised acrobatic mats and equipment. The limbering and stretching skills are exceptionally good for all dancers, and the skills gained help give the professional student an 'edge' in auditions.

For more information on available classes visit the Conroy Dance Centre website.


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