Growing a community at this Sunshine Coast Early Learning Centre

They say: ‘it takes a village to raise a child’, and in today’s busy world this has never been truer. One Sunshine Coast early learning centre is placing this motto at the centre of their philosophy. They believe that it is through relationships and community engagement that children truly grow.

“Community involvement produces long-term benefits to children’s lives and gives them a sense of belonging and is critical to building a strong sense of identity,” says Natasha Sullivan, Centre Director of Sanctuary Early Learning Adventure Buderim. “And it’s through these relationships that children have the opportunity to grow emotionally, intellectually and physically.”

To achieve this, Sanctuary Buderim is forming some beautiful and amazing strong connections within the local community.

“The community visits us and we visit the community,” explains Natasha. “In addition to weekly yoga, music, dance and sporting programs, Sanctuary children have the opportunity to engage with a huge range of community excursions and incursions: adopt-a-cop, fire brigade visits, Auslan sign language, connect with and learn from indigenous elders, visit local aged care facilities, visit the library, go to the supermarket or the local shops, and many more enriching experiences.”

“We are extremely proud to support a range of community partnerships and are passionate about giving back. We believe the success of a community comes from supporting each other.”

These relationships are not only being built in the wider the community, but also within the Centre.

“Strong partnerships with families are key to ensuring there is a connection with each child’s home life experiences. And families extending on children’s learning and development experiences when they are at home,” says Natasha. “By building these relationships with families, a better understanding of each child’s and family’s needs are met and we can work collaboratively and in harmony.”

To assist in this, Sanctuary Buderim offers parent evenings connecting with health professionals and more to support our families in their parenting role.

“As a centre, we continue to grow and build a strong team of educators along with our growing Sanctuary family of children and families,” Natasha says.

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