High School careers program a first for the Sunshine Coast

Imagine a high school asking your child ‘What do you love?’ and then working with them to develop a personalised learning program that is tailored around their passions and career goals….

This dream is now a reality with the launch of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Career-related Program at Montessori International College at Forest Glen, the only school to offer this program on the Sunshine Coast. A newer offering to the long-established IB Diploma, the IB Career-related Program incorporates the values and academic rigour of the IB into a unique, international, real-world and career-focused program that allows schools to work with each individual student to develop a personalised learning pathway.

Chiray Fitton is Principal of Montessori International College (MIC) and says the new careers program is a great fit with the Montessori philosophy.

“Our Senior Phase program at MIC – Year 10 to Year 12 – aims to prepare students to lead happy and purposeful lives,” said Ms Fitton.

“This is achieved with learning programs that focus on the development of the whole child – academic, social and emotional. Our learning environments encourage real-world purposeful work, life experience and a lifelong love of learning.

“It’s why this program is such a great fit for us. Both Montessori and the IBCP aim to develop students who flourish intellectually, physically, emotionally and ethically and challenge them to excel not only in their studies, but also in their personal growth.

“We are thrilled to be endorsed as an IB World School as it reflects our standing as a leader in the provision of innovative and progressive learning programs in Australia.”


Skill up for Science
“I love science and definitely want to do something in that field when I leave school. I’m going to study Psychology and Biology as well as Maths and English but it’s the opportunity to get into a lab and learn real-world laboratory skills in a hands-on way that I’m really excited about. I’ll also get a head start on my degree as I’ll study Environmental Science at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Year 12.”

Shooting for the Stars
“I’m so excited to study the IB Career-related Program from next year as I’ve been able to choose subjects that will set me up for my career after school. I will study Sports Exercise and Health Science alongside my language and maths subjects, with extra courses at TAFE including a Certificate III in Fitness. I’m planning to set up a netball coaching academy for children with disabilities for my community project.By the time I leave MIC I will not only have sport and hands-on coaching experience, but I’ll also have qualifications in Fitness so I can work part-time in my career while I’m studying at uni.”

A Passion for Fashion
“I want to work in the fashion industry so I’m excited to study Visual Art, Business and Entrepreneurship as well as get my Certificate II in Fashion Design and Technology, all before I finish school. This program is going to help set me up for my career as I’ll get experience in designing and understanding trends as ultimately my goal is to plan fashion shows. With two internships and work experience as well, I’ll get hands-on experience and make the connections I need to apply what I’m learning outside of school.”

The IB Career-related Program (IBCP) is delivered over two years in Years 11 and 12 with students choosing subjects from three elements, all of which are aligned with the student’s passions and career choice.

The first element is at least three (and up to five) academic subjects from the IB Diploma Program, which include English and Math subjects as compulsory, with additional subjects selected depending on the student’s career choice.

The second element is the four core components which are studied by all IBCP students and include Personal and Professional Skills, Service Learning, Language Development and a two-year Reflective Project. These core subjects aim to develop responsibility, practical problem-solving and ethical understanding. Emphasis is on the development of the skills needed to successfully navigate higher education, the workplace and society and to make a difference in the world with students utilising their skills to deliver a project in the community.

The third element is the career-related studies which relate to each student’s career interest. Courses may include TAFE subjects, University of the Sunshine Coast HeadStart Program subjects, in-school traineeships or internships. Career-related studies will be different for each student.

The IB Career-related Program provides students with a combination of life experience, work experience and a qualification – all tailored around their passion – which makes them ideal candidates for many universities and employers.

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5 Reasons to Study the IBCP at MIC

  1. Personalised learning programs tailored around each student’s passions and career choice.
  2. A balance of IB Diploma subjects supported by practical, career-related studies and personal skills.
  3. The educational principles, global context, curriculum and qualification of the internationally renowned IB delivered with the innovative learning spaces, highly dedicated teachers and hands-on, independent and purposeful learning of MIC.
  4. Small class sizes and collaborative and inclusive social environments.
  5. No commute – study this innovative program right here on the Sunshine Coast.

Year 10 is the entry point and is a preparation year for the IBCP at Montessori International College. Enrolments are now open, visit www.montessori.qld.edu.au to find out more.


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