Meet the Principal at Sunshine Coast Grammar School

Sunshine Coast Grammar School is a leading P–12 co-educational, Christian, independent school located in Forest Glen. We sit down with Principal Maria Woods to find out more about everyday life at this highly regarded school.

Can you tell us a little about the philosophy of Grammar?

Our philosophy at Sunshine Coast Grammar is to empower, support and encourage every student and member of our community to give their best to be their best. To equip our students with the mindset and skillset to flourish and thrive into the future, to have the agility and resilience to face challenges and build a strong network of community.

What do you think makes the Grammar experience different from other schools?

Families choose schools for a variety of reasons – values, diversity of opportunities, reputation, results, location, (as examples). Every experience for every child is different because every child is unique and what we would hope to provide and nurture for every Grammar student is the opportunity and platform to explore, discover and grow their unique individual difference.

In today’s world, what skills do you feel are essential for children to take away from school?

Team work, communication, initiative and adaptability, knowing they are part of a global village and that their actions and decisions have ripple effects and consequences beyond the here and now. Also, value learning for life – formal and informal – so many opportunities to build skills. Never underestimate that every person you meet offers a chance for you to grow. Make sure you give back to your community. Volunteer time, skills and energy to play your part in building a great future for all. Your brand is your character and your reputation. And in the words of Nicole Shepherd ‘you never regret being kind’.

What defines a Grammar student?

A Grammar student is confident, agile, willing to give more than they receive, grateful for the many blessings in their lives, proud of who they are and their desire to make a meaningful contribution right now and in the future.

Can you tell us something about the school that people might not know?

Everyone in our community contributes to our Grammar Helping Hands program. We have a blitz each term where we support a charity or a family in need. Our staff also contribute with our staff kitchen cook up. Staff give their own time to come together and prepare meals that can then be delivered to those facing some difficult times and challenges.

What do you enjoy most about being Principal at the school?

The students, colleagues, families – our Grammar community. Working in a great team all committed to a central purpose.

What do you least enjoy about being Principal at Grammar?

I love everything about my role – I get to work in a great community with amazing young people. What’s not to enjoy?!

What is your proudest moment as Principal?

I am very proud and blessed to be the Principal of Sunshine Coast Grammar School. I have been the Principal since 2012. In 2014 I was very fortunate to be awarded both the Sunshine Coast Outstanding Business Person of the Year and the SCBWN Outstanding Business Woman of the Year.

Can you tell us something about yourself that people might not know?

Some things should remain a mystery…!

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I enjoy spending time with the family, walking the dog, reading, traveling and volunteering.

Can you describe the school in three words…?

Encapsulated in our school motto – Strength of Purpose.

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