How to keep little ones cool in the summer heat

09 January 2018
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Summer in Queensland can be a scorcher. With temperatures often 30 degrees and above, you can get the sweats just sitting still. If you have a baby, it can be hard to make sure they aren’t suffering in the heat. We have some top tips to ensure they stay cool while the temperatures soar.

1. Dress them in cool cotton clothes, or just a nappy

Dress your baby in loose-fitting, breathable cotton clothes or only their nappy. Be sure to use sunscreen even on cloudy days, and keep them in the shade. To read more about sun protection for babies, visit the Cancer Council Queensland’s website.

2. Remove waterproof sheets

Waterproof sheets can be a lifesaver when it comes to accidents in your baby’s cot or crib but they also retain a lot of heat and can make baby sweat. Take them off when the hot weather hits.

3. Put a bottle of ice in front of the fan

Fans are more economical than air conditioning and you can target cold air exactly where you want it. Turn the fan on in baby’s room before they take a nap and try placing a bottle full of ice water in front of it for an extra cool blast. Turn the fan on before you put baby down to sleep.

4. Put your loft hatch to good use

If you have a loft hatch, open it. Hot air rises, and it will help lower the temperature slightly in the rest of the house as the hot air escapes into the loft. Every little helps!

5. Drink lots of water

This one is so, so important. It can be easy to forget too, especially when you are a busy mum. Make sure you and your baby get plenty of water, especially if your baby is not exclusively breastfed (breastfed babies tend not to need as much water as bottle fed babies as there is a lot of water in breastmilk). Read more here.

6. Cool them down in the bath

Don’t have a pool? Give your baby a bath instead. Don’t be tempted to make it extra cold as they will feel the heat even more harshly when they get out. Even a lukewarm bath will help cool them down.

7. Wet some towels, and place them on your baby’s body

Grab some towels and place them under the tap until they are damp. They can be wrapped around baby’s feet to help cool them down. A damp towel between you and bub when you’re breastfeeding can also offer some respite to the heat.

How do you keep your cool in the hot summer months? Share your tips with us!

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Kerry White

Kerry is the Senior Writer for Kids on the Coast and Kids in the City. Kerry moved to Australia from England in 2013 with her husband and two daughters. She worked as a sub-editor in London for seven years before she had her girls. She now calls the Sunshine Coast her home and is making the most of its glorious weather and beaches. She enjoys baking, especially when she has a glass of wine in hand, and is a part-time Psychology, Criminology and Justice student. She also shares her home with two cats and her daughters' imaginary dogs.


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