Story time sessions bridging the gap for Prep 2022

For those families with little ones starting Prep in 2022, thoughts of how that transition will go may already be looming. After all, it is a huge change for children and it’s natural for parents to be concerned about how their child will fare.

It’s well known that a gentle and smooth transition into the Prep classroom is a core part to a successful start to ‘big school’, and the earlier that transition starts, the better.

Prep students sharing craft activities

For those children starting Prep at Sunshine Beach State School in 2022, the transition is already well underway.

“We hold a comprehensive program of Prep transition events through the entire year prior to when learners start,” said Bec Kennett, Prep Transition Officer. “This gives the pre-prep children plenty of time to feel at home in the Prep environment – so they know what to expect, who their teacher and Prep ‘family’ is – all those things that help a child to feel confident and safe in those critical early days.”

Prep 2022 Story time sessions at Sunshine Beach State School

The Sunshine Beach State School transition program is a comprehensive series of story time and showcase lessons at the school, each designed to expose children and families to what life in Prep is really like.

“Our story time sessions are an incredibly successful part of the transition program,” said Bec. “Families can come and join in the experience of a Prep classroom. A teacher will share a story with the group. This will be followed by a literacy/art activity related to the book.”

The story time session also involves a specialist HPE teacher, who showcases various gross motor skills by introducing fun games and activities.

“We encourage all our pre-Prep children to join us for this important day – the exposure to a classroom experience is invaluable,” said Bec. 

Prep transition students enjoying art activities

As well as story time sessions, parents are encouraged to attend the many other transition events throughout the year. 

“During some events, children will join with their peers and junior classes in an author event in our hall, in other events attend a specialist class led by our specialist teachers, join Prep children within the class for an activity, sit outside under the Prep tree for morning tea and have fun in the Prep playground,” said Bec. “Meanwhile, parents are able to network with families and chat to staff, while watching their children create new friendships and develop a support system.”

In addition to the structured Prep transition events, The Sunshine Bush Playgroup – held every Thursday morning in the school’s very special permaculture garden (excluding public and term holidays) – is another important part of the transition. 

“Children come to play in our lovely permaculture garden, make friends, many of whom will be starting Prep the following year. And it’s also a wonderful opportunity for parents to make important connections, to make the Prep transition far less daunting for everyone.”

“This year-round Prep Transition Program allows families to feel confident that children settle happily into our school,” Bec said.

“The goal of our Prep Transition Program is to ensure a smooth and happy start to school life, not only on Day 1 but throughout each child’s educational path.”

Prep students at Sunshine Beach State School

The next story time session at Sunshine Beach is on Tuesday 1 June 2021 9.00am – 10.30am

Venue: Sunshine Beach State School, Prep area

RSVP: Friday 28 May 2021

Any families considering joining Sunshine Beach in Prep 2022 are encouraged to head along and experience what makes their Prep program so special!

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