What difference can a scholarship make at Pacific Lutheran College?

Is your child achieving excellent results, a passionate musician or performer? Are they an athlete or leader looking to grow their skills? If your child is doing well at school, it’s natural for parents to look at ways to provide their children with as much potential for growth as possible. This opportunity can often be achieved with a scholarship. Pacific Lutheran College on the Sunshine Coast offers a range of scholarships for local high-achieving kids. Pacific provides a rich education, laying the stepping stones to create a well-rounded life and open opportunities for the future.



For those students that are granted a scholarship, this subsidised learning program can be life changing.

Amedy Buchanan, current Pacific Lutheran College Scholarship student shares her experience at Pacific.

“I am fortunate to attend Pacific on a general excellence scholarship,” says Amedy Buchanan.

“Pacific has provided me with unique opportunities to engage in my love of learning, create valuable friendships and support my growth as a confident leader,” Amedy says.

Ben McCormac, current Pacific Lutheran College Scholarship student and 2023 College Captain, also shares his experience.

“Pacific has enhanced my love of Mathematics, Music and Performing Arts and has opened opportunities for future study,” says Ben McCormac.

“The encouragement and support received by being surrounded by supportive staff and friends at Pacific has also allowed me to achieve the results I strive for.”

“I look forward to leading my cohort and the College this year and am excited for what my future holds,” Ben says.


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What opportunities can a Pacific Scholarship provide?

Pacific Lutheran College has a tradition of providing a rich education for students to create a well-rounded life. The school is excited to offer expanded opportunities to maximise potential for students.

The specialist programs on offer include:

  • Pacific Plus is a contemporary approach to meeting the needs of highly able Middle College students. The Teaching for Understanding pedagogical framework, underpinned by the PERMA model of positive psychology, forms the basis of Pacific Plus. Learning experiences are designed to foster the attitudes and dispositions of intellectual character in highly able students. With an acknowledgement that their learning needs can differ from those of other students in adolescence.
  • Pacific Developing Athletes Program supports highly engaged and talented athletes who are involved in competitive school sport and participate in QSS representative pathways. The program includes access to USC’s High Performance strength and conditioning program.

Young people can also explore and enhance strengths in the Visual and Performing Arts, and STEM through unique curriculum offerings and exciting performance opportunities. Pacific offers a vibrant Music Program that includes high-quality ensembles and even a marching band.

Involvement in competitions such as the Da Vinci Decathlon, Future Problem Solving and Robotics opens the door to national and international representation.

Pacific creates a synergy between Lutheran theology and positive psychology, offering intentional programs to grow wellbeing and capability.

Academic, general excellence, music and sport scholarship applications are now open for Years 6 to 11. Both current and new students are eligible to apply for all Pacific Lutheran Scholarships.

To find out more, visit: Scholarships and Bursaries at Pacific Lutheran College


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