Retro Kids School Holiday Dance Sessions

Event: Retro Kids School Holiday Dance Sessions
Date: 13/12/2021 - 03/01/2022

Palmwoods Memorial Hall, Palmwoods and Millwell Road Community Centre, Maroochydore.

School’s out but these dance crazes aren’t!

Retro Kids school holiday dance sessions bring the best bits of pop culture’s past to the youth of today. Each three-hour workshop immerses children aged 8+ in the sounds, styles, and sick moves of the late 20th Century.

Do your kids roll their eyes when you rap along with Busta Rhymes? Do they think Meryl Streep wrote Dancing Queen? Or that the watusi is a long-extinct water creature? It’s time for a crash course in global dance culture!

Along the way, we’ll learn about the icons of the eras (spoiler alert, Dolly Parton is relevant in all decades).

This is an inclusive, non-judgemental dance space for everyone (no matter what decade you were born in).

About the session
We’ll lead an icebreaker to get to know everyone. Then, we’ll jump into some old-school dancing, learning along the way about how people talked to each other, what they wore, and highlighting the trailblazers of music, movies and more.

We’ll take a break to eat our snacks and take a few happy snaps in the retro photo booth – we’ve gotta capture our outfits!
Then we’ll catch up on the latest news – an engaging rundown of the biggest events of the time before dancing some more.

Finally, we’ll finish up with a presentation of the certified Retro Kid certificate and prizes for best dressed and best use of old-school slang!

When and Where

Palmwoods Memorial Hall, Palmwoods
Monday 13.12.21 – 9am – 12pm – Back to the 80s!
Wednesday 15.12.21 – 9am – 12pm – Step into the 70s!
Wednesday 15.12.21 – 1pm – 4pm – Step into the 70s!
Friday 17.12.21 – 9am – 12pm – Swing into the 60s!

Millwell Road Community Centre, Maroochydore
Saturday 18.12.21 – 9am – 12pm – Back to the 80s!
Sunday 19.12.21 – 9am – 12pm – Step into the 70s!
Sunday 19.12.21 – 1pm – 4pm – Swing into the 60s!

Cooroy Memorial Hall, Cooroy
Monday 3.1.22 – 9am – 12pm – 90s, Baby!
Monday 3.1.22 – 1pm – 4pm – 90s, Baby!

What to Bring
Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes for dancing (themed attire and costumes are highly encouraged!). Bring along a morning tea snack and make sure you pack your water bottle.