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05 October 2016
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Travelling the globe as a family sounds idyllic, but the thought of heading off with little ones in tow can sometimes deter the most confident of travellers.

We asked three seasoned globetrotters to share their tips of wisdom to ensure your next trip is a success!


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Emma Lovell - Fly Babee

A travel stroller is essential. Take one in which she can still lie down in, as bub will probably spend more time in it than usual.

Also take a baby carrier. I love having mine on the plane so I can walk around during unsettled times and perhaps get bub to sleep. They're great at airports to carry and stay hands-free.

For the plane, I pack one nappy and four wipes into a plastic nappy bag and prep a dozen of them inside my hand luggage so you can just reach in and grab one at nappy change time. The plane toilets are tight and the less you need to carry, the better.

Always pack a change of clothes for you and bub. My daughter managed to throw a glass of red all over me at the start of a 24-hour trip and I didn't have a spare top!

If you use lullabies to get bub to sleep, make sure you download them on to your phone so you can play them on the plane.

The more familiar stuff you have with you, the better, such as a favourite blanket or teddy.

Take baby Panadol in your hand luggage.

Have some pawpaw on hand for dry lips and nose, the aircon often dries them out.

Don't stress too much and go with the flow—it's an adventure for everyone and bub will be excited too! They pick up on your angst if you get worked up.


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Ben Alcock -

Airports can be boring for kids, especially if you have a tonne of time to kill. Though it might be easy to just leave them to their own devices (the electronic, wifi-enabled kind) here are a couple of fun ways to keep them occupied and looking up, not down:

  • Put them in charge of navigating the route from arrival to aircraft. Give them the info they need (airline, destination) to get started, and then let them do the rest. They'll have to find the check-in counter, lead you through customs and immigration, follow signage to the right terminal or pier, the gate, then onto the aircraft and into your seats. They'll love the responsibility, and learn a thing or two about how airports are put together—a good skill for future travels.
  • So, let's assume they've done a great job and they've guided you through the various airport hoops without incident. Now you're in transit with time on your hands and there's quite possibly not a great deal to entertain the kids. Another way to get them off their devices and engage with the real world is to wander about the terminal for a few minutes taking photos of random things then return to the kids, show them the first object on your camera roll and send them off on a treasure hunt to find them. The first one back with photographic evidence gets, well, usually a high-five will do. Repeat as required!


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Michelle Tupy -

Consider the children's interests: we travel to many destinations that often have a lot of history, are full to the brim with museums or perhaps even have some ruins to visit. But we don't make that the main part of our focus as sometimes the kids don't want to spend all their time doing that. So in order to keep us all happy we mix it up a lot. It could be a visit to a park, a whimsical garden, or a double-decker bus ride around the city we happen to be in. Travel for us means finding something that we all enjoy and sometimes that means plenty of compromise. So if it means visiting the mall, stopping at a water park or visiting the local cupcake store then so be it. At least we know the kids will be only too happy to visit the local museum when we suggest it.

Do you have any tips for travelling with kids?

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