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PARENTING: Positive phrases to calm difficult behaviour

It’s all too easy to snap and yell at the kids when they’ve pushed you to your limit. But, we all know how ineffective that can be. Here's some alternatives to calm difficult behaviour.

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PARENTING: Motivating kids to do homework

Feeling the homework battle? Here's some great tips to motivate kids to do homework and without yelling!


CHAT: Mum! I’m bored!

Can boredom be good for kids?

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PARENTING: Is your child highly sensitive?

Does your child struggle with stronger emotional reactions? Maybe they are a highly sensitive child…

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TECH: Should I give my child a smartphone?

Thinking of giving your child a smartphone? Here are the pros and cons.

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PARENTING: Is your child angry all the time?

Tackle anger and bring peace back to your family with these top tips.

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PARENTING: Answering the big question... ‘Is Santa real?’

Are you ready for the big question, 'Is Santa real'?

Pregnancy & Babies

BABIES: Should you have a birth plan?

Pregnant and considering a birth plan? Our readers share their tips on the pros and cons of having a birth plan.

Pregnancy & Babies

BABIES: Sleep… and what to expect by six months old

Wondering when your baby will sleep through the night? Sleep expert Claire Andersen shares her tips on what to expect at 6 months, and achieving a sleep-through.

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PARENTING: Controlling the Fortnite fever

Anyone else out there struggling to control the Fortnite fever? Here's some great tips to help...


EDUCATION: The importance of the 'middle reader' years for creating lifelong readers

Karen McMillan, author of Elastic Island Adventures shares her tips on the importance of reading in the middle years.


WELLBEING: Positive mornings with the Easy Mindset Reset

Reset your day with this simple minute mindset technique - perfect for kids and adults!