Butterfly hugs at Sunshine Butterflies

Sadly, the doors to Sunshine Butterflies Disability Support Charity had to be closed indefinitely last month, due to the current health crisis. Although this was a tough decision for the local charity to make, it had to be done in the interest of the health and safety of staff and members.

This is of course a very sad time for the families and members of the Butterfly Community who rely so heavily on ‘Our Backyard’ to deliver them the support and connection that they need to thrive.

However, in the wake of this closure, Sunshine Butterflies decided to bring something special to their members to help them cope with the new Social distancing rules that have been put in place. “Because physical contact is so important to many of our members, it can make social distancing a difficult and confusing task” said Lucy Mills, Community Development. To make the members feel less isolated and hopeful for the future they introduced something that will warm your heart: HUG VOUCHERS.

Hug vouchers at Sunshine Butterflies

These “Hug (or High Five)” vouchers were given to all members to re-gift to their family or friends with the intent of saying “I owe you a lovely Butterfly hug when all this is over”.

There was nothing but smiles when the members of Sunshine Butterflies received their vouchers; “They cannot wait to use them in the future when all this is over and It’s such a brilliant way for our members to show someone that they care ” said Jenna Degan, support worker.

This is an example of such a simple yet meaningful initiative that brings hope for the future to people who really need it.

“We could see how devastating social distancing was for all our members at Sunshine Butterflies, so we got our heads together to come up with unique way to bring them joy at this time,” said Jenna.

This will be a continual journey for the Sunshine Butterflies Members, staff and dedicated community. “That is why it’s so important that we work together, support each other in any way we can and most importantly, keep smiling.”