Baby Playgroup - for you and your baby

Playgroup is not just for the big kids. Baby playgroup is for newborn to 12-month-old babies. They are a time for you and your child to share, learn and grow together while meeting other parents on the same journey.

As a new parent, the first year of your baby’s life will be full of learning, excitement, challenges, expectations, and celebrations. Playgroups allow parents and carers to regularly meet, share ideas, and chat about the joy and challenges of parenting. They are an ideal environment for babies of all ages to interact with adults and other babies, learning about the world around them.

Attending a playgroup will build the foundations for a baby’s social, emotional, and physical development as they take their first steps in lifelong learning, and you as a parent/carer will benefit too! Sometimes it is simply about getting out of the house one day a week to feel some sense of routine.

If you’ve made friendships at your child health parent group or antenatal group, you may want to continue to meet through a playgroup. Attending a playgroup connects you and your family to your community, helps develop a sense of belonging, and establishes a valuable support network. Many long-term friendships begin at playgroup.

All Queensland families who register with Playgroup Queensland by their child’s first birthday will receive a free 12-month family membership to the organisation.

Playgroup Queensland has baby playgroups in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast. If there isn’t a baby playgroup near you, consider joining an existing playgroup (birth-to-5) or starting your own. Contact the Playgroup Queensland team if you’d like to know more P 1800 171 882

For Sunny Coast Families why not join our closed Facebook page created just for you.

Sunshine Coast Playgroup Hub

All the very best in your parenting journey, may you learn and grow through play together!

Contributed by Playgroup QLD

Written by kidsonthecoast

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