Is it time for a Baby Sleep Consultant?

Desperate for a little extra zzzzz? We chat to Claire Andersen, Baby Sleep Consultant from Bubbasleep to find out what really happens when a Sleep Consultant comes to stay.

What happens on an overnight consultation with a Baby Sleep Consultant?

I typically arrive around 5pm, spend the evening getting to know you and your child and being around for the bedtime routine. During this time we discuss the issues you are facing and make a plan for the night to come. I help you implement any sleep changes that need to be made right through the night. I get up each time, helping you with the night wakings and I’m available to answer any questions as we go through the process. It can seem a little strange at first, meeting in the hallway in our PJs in the middle of the night, but you needn’t feel weird! It’s good to know someone is right there with you, supporting you through each night waking and helping get bubba back off to sleep. A lot of people initially feel very nervous about an overnight stay. I understand that you are inviting me into your home at a very vulnerable time, I will not make you do anything you don’t want to, I’m really understanding and you will feel at ease, I promise!

Will my baby cry?

This depends on a few things: the age of your baby, how strong any sleep associations are that you are wanting to change and the personality of your little one. Regardless of the amount of change we are making, or what approach we take, your baby may cry. It does not mean that you have to leave them alone and I have certainly had consultations where baby has not cried at all. Taking the right approach for the family, getting the timing spot on and feeling calm and confident can help minimise any tears.

How do I know the method will work?

Of course, every baby is unique and what worked for your friend’s baby may not be a good fit for your baby. Although each bub is different, their sleep challenges are generally similar. Excluding a medical cause for sleep disturbance, there is always a solution. Many people try XYZ to help their baby’s sleep, such as white noise machines, essential oil, comforters, and other props, and they don’t seem to help. The reason for this is because the cause of the problem has not been addressed. Identify the cause and you fix the problem. As long as we implement a method that you are comfortable with and you stay committed and in communication with me, things will improve quickly. You can also touch base with me any time after the initial consult until the problem has been resolved so you needn’t worry about ‘it not working’.

How long does it take to get baby sleeping better?

This can happen immediately and has in a lot of recent day stay consultations I have done. In general you start seeing some major changes within three days and the process is typically finished in 1–2 weeks depending on how much ‘foundation’ work you need to do (such as routine, environment, positive sleep associations), and also how much change you want/need to make.

Claire is a baby sleep consultant who offers professional, supportive non-judgemental help with sleep associations, routines, naps, night waking, early waking and more. With many years’ experience working one-on-one with families, she evaluates each situation on a case-by-case basis to get to the bottom of why your little one isn’t sleeping and work with you to restore sleep to your household. Find her at