New women’s 
imaging service opens on the Sunshine Coast

A dedicated gynaecology and pregnancy ultrasound service has opened in Buderim. The service provides specialised women’s imaging to women of all ages on the Sunshine Coast.

Women’s imaging services available include pregnancy dating scans, 12-14 week scans (nuchal scan), 20 week scans (morphology scan), growth and wellbeing scans
(22+ weeks), baby view scans 
non-diagnostic scan) and pelvic/gynaecological scans (endometriosis, infertility, pelvic floor scans).

“Our practice provides women with a homely experience, where you are made to feel comfortable, well looked after and cared for,” said centre owner  Denise Donati. “Our all-female staff are highly trained and their expertise, together with our state of the art equipment, ensures your experience will be professional, caring and of a best practice standard.”

For those looking for a gender reveal or to introduce a baby to their family and friends, Precision Imaging also 
has a sister company called Sneak Peek Ultrasounds, which offers a full range of non-diagnostic ultrasounds. Both diagnostic and 
non-diagnostic scans are now able 
to be performed at the one location.

For more information, call (07) 5406 0689 or visit
Referrals required for diagnostic medical scans.

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