Flinders Aquatic Academy

We are pleased to announce and share with you that our brand-new facility
FLINDERS AQUATIC ACADEMY is now OPEN.We are located locally within the Buderim precinct at: A:1-47 STRINGYBARK ROAD BUDERIM QUEENSLAND 4556With this we are excited about the swimming journey ahead, in which we can offer to the wider community and more importantly share with you ~ and all local sunshine coast families.Learning to swim is a life skill and it has many benefits. Through participation in our LEARN TO SWIM CLASSES here at Flinders Aquatic Academy each individual child will further develop many skills and these include:
BENEFITS OF PARTICIPATION IN LEARN TO SWIM CLASSES:>Fostering aquatic and water safety awareness, skills and practices.>Participate in positive, fun activities that enhances skills and create a life time of appreciation for active living and safe enjoyment in the water.>Further develops and enhances the physical, social, emotional, language and cognitive developmental skills of each participant.>Fosters physical activity and skills, assisting with each child’s functionality and mobility. >Promotes a positive outlet for built up energy, with the provision of supporting a positive sense of self confidence, worth and wellbeing of each individual child.>Provide each individual through regular Learn to Swim class participation the opportunity to maximise their swimming ability and skills and reach their full potential whilst broadening their experience in a safe aquatic environment.>Meaningful participation in extra curricula activities optimising each child’s learning opportunities.
FLINDERS AQUATIC ACADEMY LEARN TO SWIM LESSONSOur Learn to swim classes and program is designed to offer the opportunity for each swimmer to progress at their own individual pace. The program is designed for each individual swimmer to progress through the levels, whilst mastering the skill criteria in one level before advancing to the next.Each level of our Learn-to-Swim classes includes:- training in basic personal water safety,- Personal water growth and personal stroke development- Whilst incorporating other swim development progressions including: water acclimation, floating skills, body line and kicking, proposing and breathing regulation, side breathing and freestyle arm stroke and backstroke fundamentals.
OPERATING HOURS- We are currently open Monday to Saturday, 6am – 6.30pm.- We run our programs on the state-run school terms
AT FLINDERS AQUATIC ACADEMY WE OFFER- Starfish Baby – Toddler Classes {Under 6 months free}- Learn to swim classes- Squads- Junior and Senior Swim fit sessions-Expect-a-bub classes (coming soon) for expecting mothers.
COST ~ DURATION ~ RATIOS- LEARN TO SWIM LESSONS are 30 minutes in duration.- COST IS $16.50 per lesson, with term payment to be made in advance prior to commencement.- Ratio of swim instructor to child is 1-3 & 1-5 ratio depending on age and ability.- Squads vary in price depending on allocated level.- Flexible pass options available and Learn to swim gift packs available.Swimming is a life gift give a gift today.
CLASS AVAILABILITYWe currently have various learn to swim options both during the day and before -after school and on Saturdays. Therefore, we invite you to contact us today to arrange a swim assessment for your child. From this assessment, we can then inform you of your child’s independent swim level and look to accommodate your interest in booking in your child into our learn to swim program and commence your child’s swimming journey.We look forward to hearing from you.

Written by Derek Symons

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