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Buderim, Sunshine Coast

Nurture Paediatrics is located in Buderim, Sunshine Coast and is a centre of excellence for paediatric care. Nurture Paediatrics is committed to providing children and their parents/carers with long-term, holistic healthcare and support. Nurture Paediatrics offer specialist paediatric services to newborns, infants, adolescents and young adults (under 18 yrs).

Our aim at Nurture Paediatrics is to provide exceptional care to each patient and to ensure carers and patients feel heard, understood and acknowledged. We achieve this by taking the time to listen and understand.

Dr Caroline Hughes is the principle paediatrician and has over 16 years’ experience in child health. Dr Caroline has extensive knowledge in a broad range of paediatric issues and has a special interest in child advocacy.

Special interests
Newborns and Babies (Bulk Billed Appointments for Newborns up to 6 Weeks Old) (Baby checks, Weight or growth concerns, Feeding issues, Sleeping problems), Concerns regarding your child’s development or behaviour, Children with disabilities, Genetic conditions eg. Down Syndrome, Learning disabilities Diagnosis and management of autism spectrum disorders, Bed wetting Constipation, Diabetes Respiratory illness (both acute and chronic), Paediatric allergies

E-mail [email protected] or telephone 07 5345 5733 to schedule an appointment.

Written by Derek Symons

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