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05 May 2017
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How often do you stop and take a breath?

I must admit, I’m the worst culprit for getting caught up in the day-to-day bustle of lunchboxes, toddler tantrums and grazed knees. But those rare moments I do stop for air I’m always blown away by how amazing this little corner of the world really is. 

Being born and raised in the industrial streets of northern England, where the buildings are grimy and the sun was just a myth, I’m acutely aware of how truly lucky my children are to be permanently surrounded by such an incredible natural environment. Whether it’s a morning swim at the beach, or a weekend bike ride through the national park, that intrinsic connection with the natural world is a special, and essential, one.

It was on having kids that I also suddenly felt a lot more responsible for the preservation and protection of this amazing environment – to ensure that this special place was here for my children, and for their children to come. I want us to do the hard work so when they are grown the corner is already turned and their generation is established as one of sustainability and of positive impact. 

So, welcome to our Eco issue! Where we celebrate everything our little corner of the world is and we look at all the things we can do, as a community, to make our world a greener place.

Our cover feature looks at the many initiatives to take part in; those simple day-to-day changes that can make a huge positive impact the environment. Whilst our education feature tours the local schools who are putting sustainability at the top of their curriculum. We meet the local family who has gone off-grid to build a sustainable life for themselves in the Noosa hinterland, and we bare all in our essential guide to cloth nappies.

If you are looking for a family break, we save the air miles by taking a local mini-break to the Gold Coast. And when you are finished, you can put this magazine to good use, with an ingenious upcycling craft!

And with all the usual news, events and reviews, AND all at the new convenient size to pop in your bag to take with you, there is something for every budding environmentalist! 

With love,

Angela Sutherland, Editor

Written by

Angela Sutherland

After spending over 20 years on the editorial desks of some the leading magazine publishing houses of London and Sydney, Angela swapped the city frenzy for a Queensland sea change. Now owner and editor of Kids on the Coast and Kids in the City, she loves spending her days documenting and travelling the crazy road of family life alongside every mum and dad. 

When she’s not at her desk buried in magazine stories, you’ll often find her entrenched in a heated game of beach cricket, or being utterly outrun by her inventive seven-year-old and rambunctious threenager.


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