Nimuno Loops Lego® tape coming to Australia

15 May 2017
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Nimuno Loops became a viral sensation, raising more than $1.6 million in crowd funding in 30 days, and it's now coming to Australia. 

Nimuno Loops instantly transforms virtually any surface into a base for toy building blocks. One side features a bendable, flexible surface with a toy block pattern that is compatible with Lego® and other toy block brands and can be cut to any desired size. The other side has a re-usable adhesive backing to allow builders to construct on nearly any object, around corners and on curved surfaces to make 3D creations. 

Leading global toy and consumer products manufacturer, ZURU™, is pleased to announce the Company has signed an exclusive, worldwide licensing agreement with Chrome Cherry Design Studios to manufacture, distribute and market this years’ viral sensation, Nimuno Loops, the original toy block tape. Nimuno Loops will be brought to market in collaboration with ZURU’s Mayka Tape construction brand. 

“Nimuno Loops is an exceptionally clever and transformational product,” said Nick Mowbray, Co-CEO, of ZURU. “The product since its launch just over a month ago has taken off on social media, and featured in hundreds of news and media outlets.  It is truly amazing in this day and age how the whole world can see a product within a matter of days. We are very excited to collaborate with the inspiring team at Chrome Cherry Design Studios to bring Nimuno Loops to the global mass market, and into the hands of builders young and old.”

“Nimuno Loops has been billed as one of ‘2017’s greatest inventions’ and now we’re set to revolutionize the way blocks are played with all over the world with this new collaboration,” said Pierre Swart, CEO, Chrome Cherry Design Studios. “ZURU’s nimbleness and ability to be quick-to-market makes them the right partner to help us meet the already phenomenal demand for this innovative product.”

ZURU is expected to start shipping Nimuno Loops from July 2017.

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  • Guest - Betty Humphries Report
    I would like to purchase the Leggo Compatible tape - can you advie where I can get this in Melbourne Australia . Or do I need to order it on line. I saw this advertised last year and was impressed but wasn't available for sale. can you give me details of lengths available. With thanks Betty

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