TEENS: eSports tournament coming to Sunshine Coast!

26 November 2017

School holiday entertainment is set to hit a new high for teens on the Sunny Coast, with the inaugural The Player eSports Tournament that is aiming to put the Sunshine Coast on the map.

Supported by SunnyKids charity and developed for teens aged 14 to 17 years old, teens be entertained whilst battling for bragging rights, as well as having the chance to win some awesome prizes.

eSports has been recognised as one of the fastest growing platforms in today’s youth, providing a safe environment for like-minded competitors to develop their team building and face-to-face socialisation skills.

Lisa Harrison, event director said, “There’s a very real community need to engage teenagers during school holidays. Kids’ activities are typically organised for those under 10 years and teens of this age group are generally poorly catered for.

This event will provide a nurtured platform for teens to alleviate boredom, get them off the street and basically do what they love all under the watchful eye of our event team.”

Event sponsor and executive manager from The Hive Business Space, Jen Forster, said, “This event supports the development of digital talents including coding, artificial intelligence and virtual reality that can be used for future development and job prospects.”

Event supporter SunnyKids CEO, Christ Turner believes the event will highlight a vital requirement for self-esteem. “We have seen online platforms and social media used to negatively socialise young people. A gaming platform in the right hands is an opportunity to counterbalance the damaging influences with real opportunity to create a sense of belonging for young people, who may or may not feel like they are on the fringe of our community,” Chris said.

And it’s not all about the kids. The tournament will give working parents some assurance that their teens are well catered for.

The success of this event could see further tournaments developed, specifically programs concentrating on anti-bullying and youth collaboration.

For full event details, head to www.theplayer.com.au

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