Top tips to survive school holidays (and even enjoy them too!)

Always wanted to be one of those parents that actually enjoys the school holidays (and not just because it means no lunchboxes)? Well, read on. We have come up with some top tips for how to not only survive school holidays, but actually enjoy them too!

Have a rough game plan

Ask the kids to come up with a list of all the things they’d like to do over the holidays, from big days out to craft activities. You will get some great ideas and the kids will feel like they are directing their much needed time off from school. To survive school holidays, try and spread them out over the whole holiday so you’re not super busy for a few days and then wracking your brains wondering what to do at the end! Don’t feel like you have to rigidly stick to the list, it is simply there for guidance.

Stock up

This relates to the point above – especially if the kids are crafty. Head to the shops before the holidays and stock up on craft stuff like glue, paper, card, glitter, paint, sequins, foam shapes and lollipop sticks. The dollar shops have a great range. Be even more prepared by checking out some crafty ideas on Pinterest, saving a few for the holidays and buying what you need before school kicks out.

Get together with friends

This is a win-win. The kids get to spend time with your friends and so do you. Head to a park or an indoor play centre and let the kids run free while you catch up with your mates.

Give them jobs to do around the house

If you can’t ignore the housework over the holidays, get the kids to pitch in. Explain that you’ll have more time to spend with them if they help you do your chores. Get them to sort the washing, sweep the drive, dust, mop, wash the car or prepare the evening meal. They might even enjoy it…

Exercise together

We all know exercise is good for us and makes us feel so much better – this is particularly important if you find the holidays stressful. Put the kids on their bikes while you walk or run beside them, have a kickabout at the park, or put on a fitness DVD – you’ll be amazed how interested the kids will be. There are also YouTube channels dedicated to kids yoga.

Let the kids be bored

Turn the phrase ‘Mum! I’m bored!’ into something positive rather than something to fear. It is okay for kids to be bored and might even be good for them. Read more here.

Take a break

Enrol your kids in a half or full-day activity, or even a camp. There are so many options available from sports, to craft, to drama, which will keep the kids occupied and give you a break. Use this time to recharge and enjoy the peace and quiet and you will be prepared for their return! See our Events Calendar for some great activity programs and school holiday camps.

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