8 ideas on how to entertain children during quarantine

2020 and the COVID-19 global pandemic has brought with it some very trying times, and with many children still learning from home, being stuck in quarantine or isolation means we are becoming very inventive in the ways we entertain children.

If you are looking for ways to entertain your little ones during the lockdown, we have compiled a few tips to help save your sanity!

Encourage them to play outside

Technology plays a large part in our everyday lives. However, limiting screen time is also important for the well-being of your children. Encourage your little ones to play outside as much as possible. Get them to create new games to play with their siblings, build their motor skills, let them draw on concrete with chalk, teach them that exercise is fun, and allow them to grow. You can also make outside play fun by burying toys in your yard and creating a treasure map so they can find their toys. Kids have loads of energy, and when they are cooped up inside too long, they go a little crazy. Letting them play outside allows them to burn the excess energy. If the parks or beaches or hiking tracks in your area are open for exercise, take your children out to burn off some steam.

Make chores fun

Allowing your child to assist with chores is a great way to build their self-esteem while teaching them valuable life skills. Children as young as three can assist with tasks like vacuuming, baking, helping with the laundry and general tidying. If you make chores fun or reward them for their efforts with screen time or a fun game, they will enjoy helping. If your children are a little older, they can assist with washing dishes, cooking and other household duties you feel comfortable in teaching them. The critical part here is to ensure they can have fun when doing it.

Cooking together

Cooking is an essential life skill and a great way to entertain children! It also teaches kids from a young age about flavours, various foods and how to cook different meals. Instilling a healthy approach to cooking will have lifelong benefits and making it fun will ensure they want to continue helping with cooking. Of course, you need to ensure their safety when dealing with dangerous elements of cooking like heat and sharp utensils, but this is all part of their learning.

E-visit museums

One of the easiest entertaining, yet educational ways to entertain children is through virtual visits to a museum. Many famous museums around the world offer virtual tours. From the Louvre in Paris and The London National Gallery to NASA’s Langley Research Centre and The Guggenheim museum, there are museums of all different types that allow your children to learn about the arts, science and more.

Create a daily schedule for them to follow

Maintaining a schedule is one of the most important things you can do for your children during this time. From the moment they wake to the time they lay down in bed at night, if you have a schedule set for them, they will benefit significantly from it. Most people work well with routine, and kids especially need consistency in their lives. Their routine does not necessarily mean they have to stick to your schedule to the minute. But ensuring they have equal amounts of learning, exercise, free play, screen time, and family time is crucial to their development. Just as in a typical school day, their routine helps them to manage everything they need to do while setting boundaries.

 Learn how to create content together

Children in 2020 are accustomed to watching YouTube, and most use it daily for entertainment and learning. From toy reviews to watching other people play games, online content can keep them captivated day and night. So why not try to switch their roles and encourage them to create their own content? These days, any phone will have a good enough camera to film. If you have an old phone lying around, why not get your old phone fixed and give it to your kids to shoot their own content.

Bring out the old board games

Board games are a great way to entertain children and teach them essential thinking skills. Chess is a mind game, monopoly teaches your children about the value of money and property, and many other games teach valuable lessons. Above all this, they can be great fun and pass several hours without a worry!

Try painting

Painting is a great way to allow your children to express their feelings creatively. Although not all kids will see painting as an expression of their feelings, they will find it fun and can create pieces of art based on colours, shapes and many other elements. It is a great but messy way to pass some time.

Quarantine or isolation with family can have its good and bad days, but if you use your time to connect with your kids, teach them life skills, help them to stay in a routine, and allow them to have fun, the results when the world goes back to normal will be worthwhile. Modern kids need a healthy combination of technologically driven entertainment and learning and good old-fashioned outdoor playtime to ensure they have a balanced life.

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