12 awesome virtual tours the kids can take right now!

Staying at home doesn’t mean you have to stop exploring the world! There’s stacks of awesome virtual tours for kids to experience the wider world, whilst isolated during the coronavirus outbreak.


The Louvre: Jet to Paris and see the incredible works of art at one of the world’s most iconic museums. 

The British Museum: Travel through time thanks to this impressive virtual tour of the British Museum. Meet the Egyptian Mummies, explore the Great Court, travel from Africa to Asia and beyond.

The Solomon R Guggenheim Museum.  Discover the art collection, explore the architecture and  learn about the history of the museum via the many videos, talks and live streaming on the website.

Van Gogh Museum: Thanks to Google Arts & Culture you can wander the corridors and view Van Gogh’s most famous works. 


The San Diego Zoo.  This world-famous zoo has a website just for kids, filled with activities, games, videos and live cams of the animals. See what the tigers, elephants and polar bears and giraffes are up to from your couch. 

Monterey Bay Aquarium. With ten live cams to choose from, you can experience the wonder of the ocean no matter where you are.

Houston Zoo. Another zoo with a good selection of web cams to watch the animals. See elephants, giraffes, chimps, rhinos and gorillas.  

Edingburgh Zoo. One of the most iconic zoos in the UK, Edinhburgh Zoo offers several web cams to get up close with the animals. The pandas are a must-see. 

Attractions and Landmarks

Yellowstone National Park. Explore the mud volcanos, hot springs, geysers and landscape of Yellowstone thanks to an impressive set of virtual tours around the park.
Access Mars. Now you can even leave the planet and head to Mars to explore the surface of the red planet on the Curiosity Rover. 

The Great Wall of China. Bring this incredible wonder of the world to your living room with a virtual tour. 

Langley Research Center. Free virtual tours of life behind the scenes at NASA’s leading research centre. 


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