FREE live streams from SEA LIFE, LEGOLAND and more!

Merlin Entertainments’ Australian attractions are keeping you entertained with an incredible schedule of free live streams available to watch online.

Here are next week’s free live streams:

Monday 18 May

Dive into SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium at 4:00pm to watch the stingrays get fed! Join Aquarists Peta and Lindon as they feed our smiley stingrays and learn about the unusual feeding technique.

Tuesday 19 May

Tune into SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast at 10:00am to virtually visit the Turtle Rehabilitation Centre where you can meet rescued sea turtles and learn how the Animal Care Team look after these temporary guests. Meet the current residents Bear, a green sea turtle, and Iluka, a unique hybrid turtle!

Join Keepers Renee and Maddi at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo at 10:30am to visit the animal food preparation kitchen as they prepare food for nearly 800 animals! Learn all about the diets different animals have, from a tasty salad for lizards, to what they feed their 400kg crocodile Rocky!

Venture into LEGOLAND Discovery Centre at 11:00am for the start of Safari Week. Master Model Builder Kieran will host a giraffe building workshop and a live LEGO quiz! Don’t forget to download the activity pack here in advance.

legoland crocodile

Wednesday 20 May

Walk through the pages of history at Madame Tussauds Sydney at 9:00am with their virtual tour of inspiring leaders and world changing icons. Sit back and feel the fame at home with inspirational figures like Albert Einstein, Nelson Mandela, Julia Gillard and their very own Madame Marie Tussaud as they celebrate Change Makers week! Click here for the virtual tour.

Glide into SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium at 3pm to watch a special stream of the sub-Antarctic penguins swimming in their icy pool to celebrate the 24 hour flash sale!

Thursday 21 May

Dive into the depths of Shark Valley with SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium at 11:30am. Get up close as their aquarists feed giant grey nurse sharks and a massive smooth ray!

Join Keepers Caroline and Scott from WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo at 2:00pm as they feed their frilled-necked lizards, one of the most iconic Australian lizards! Watch this large colony as they eat their lunch and find out why these lizards are so amazing, including what they use their frill for!

Friday 22 May

Start your morning off with story time at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo at 10:30am! Listen along as Keeper Justine reads This Little Roo Went to Market! by Mandy Foot. When this little roo goes to market, this little platypus stays home. What surprises are the other Aussie animals planning while the little roo is away?

Join SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium at 3:00pm to meet Pig the Dugong and his trainer Emma for Storytime with Pig. Tune in to listen to a reading of the beautifully illustrated, lyrical and informative story about dugongs, Dugong Magic by Lisa Stewart.

Saturday 23 May

Visit SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium at 11:00am to celebrate World Turtle Day with a turtle-y awesome reading of ‘Journey of the Sea Turtle’ by Mark Wilson, published by Hachette. The story will be read by Lisa, the aquarium’s very own mermaid! LINK:

Sunday 24 May

Head back to LEGOLAND Discovery Centre at 11:00am to finish Safari Week with a crocodile building workshop. Learn to build a cheeky little crocodile with Master Model Builder Kieran.

Visit Merlin’s Education Toolbox to access Merlin Entertainments’ FREE educational resource portal. Inspired by the attractions, the online hub aims to provide much-needed assistance to teachers and parents facilitating home-schooling lessons and features a variety of worksheets, activities and videos.

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