New environmental centre opens at the Boondall Wetlands

A brand-new environment center at the Boondall Wetlands has opened just in time for the school holidays providing the perfect day out for families seeking free fun for the kids.

About the centre

The $6.5 million interactive education centre run by Brisbane City Council features the latest in technology, with interactive activities like the “Great Migration Challenge”, where visitors can learn about shorebirds in the area by flapping their arms in front of a motion sensor display, taking on the role of migratory bird navigating its way from Asia to Boondall.

Other new activities include:

  • A sensory wall with buttons visitors can press to experience smells from the wetlands
  • Interpretive displays on the walls and in the floor
  • A synthetic mud display that gives kids the chance to get their hands into the mud and learn about what does and doesn’t belong in the mangroves
  • An interactive display that is accessible for all abilities, which allows visitors to spin hand pedals to appreciate the energy requirements of migratory birds

It’s the perfect place for the kids to burn some energy with beautiful bushwalks, bike trails, Aboriginal art trails and picnic areas, or you can jump on kayaks and canoes from boat ramps close to the centre to explore the unique biodiversity of our creeks and Moreton Bay.

The previous Boondall Wetlands Environment Centre has been a popular spot for more than 20 years, with more than 50,000 visitors each year and this state-of-the-art facility is set to be even more popular since it opened its doors on 8 December.

Great for kids of all ages, the centre is both educational and fun so both you and the kids can learn something new about our precious wetlands.