Augmented reality public art for kids on the Sunshine Coast

Did you know there is a bunch of Augmented Reality (AR) public art for kids to experience on the Sunshine Coast? These wonderful installations bring art to life for all ages.

Caloundra, Sunshine Coast

Looking Glass Fish in the
Deep Hue Sea
By George Rose

Situated at the top of Bulcock Street in Caloundra, this AR mural was named one of the best street art experiences in Australia after being selected as a finalist in the 2019 Australian Street Art Awards.

Looking Glass Fish in the Deep Hue Sea was commissioned by Sunshine Coast Council as a collaborative project involving animation artist Stu Campbell and mural artist George Rose. The mural comes to life with animations and sound when viewed through the free EyeJack app. A wonderful installation of art for kids.

Nambour, Sunshine Coast

That moment when you meet your
new colleagues and realise you need
to step your game up
By Carley Cornelissen

Commissioned during Horizon Festival 2019, you’ll find this artwork on the walls of C Square in Nambour. When using the EyeJack app, the images explode with colour.

Building Restrictions
By Claire Matthews

On the outside wall of the train station in Nambour, this work was brought to life by experienced animator Helena Papageorgiou. The images pop with colour and sound when viewed with the EyeJack app. Both of the Nambour murals were commissioned during Horizon Festival 2019 as part of the [In]Place project, funded by the Regional Arts Development Fund.

Glass House Mountains, Sunshine Coast

By James Muller

Molten is a way-finding sculptural and digital installation that signifies access to Glass House Mountains District Park. It promotes cultural and scientific knowledge of the natural forces that created the Glass House Mountains. In what was an Australian first, the EyeJack team worked with James Muller to develop a 3D AR component for the sculpture, which provides overlays of animated Indigenous artwork and volcanic activity.

Keep your eye out for more AR art for kids soon to be activated across the Sunshine Coast!


EyeJack is an Augmented Reality app and platform that specialises in the curation and distribution of augmented art.

  1. Download the free EyeJack app from iTunes or Google Play
  2. Tap on the event
  3. Tap ‘LAUNCH AR’
  4. Aim your device at the artwork. The animation will begin to play, using the camera lens of your smart device.
  5. Record the interaction through the EyeJack app and save on your device.

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