Did you hear the news? Fraser Island is GOOD TO GO!!

Along with the rest of the Queensland community, our hearts broke late last year to see our beloved K’gari (Fraser Island) hit by the bushfires. But with a little help from Mother Nature and the incredible efforts of the wonderful firefighters, Fraser Island is now open! And we can’t wait to get back there!

The island’s favourite hotspots were all spared from any damage and remain as pristine as ever, including Lake McKenzie, Eli Creek, Lake Wabby, Pile Valley, Central Station and the gorgeous Kingfisher Bay Resort.

From the blue hued sparkling lakes to colourful sand dunes and giant satinay trees, Fraser Island is every nature lovers’ perfect escape.

Our favourite spots for families on Fraser Island

Lake McKenzie: Lake McKenzie is favourite for families on Fraser Island. Kids love the crystal-clear waters, and the pure white silica sand is the perfect playground. You’ll want to spend all day here!

Lake Mckenzie Fraser Island
Lake McKenzie // Supplied by Kingfisher Bay Resort

Eli Creek: Each hour around 4 million litres of clear, freshwater is pumped from Eli Creek into the ocean. With a boardwalk that follows the creek inland, this is the perfect spot for a swim (or float).

Eli Creek Fraser Island
Eli Creek // Supplied by Kingfisher Bay Resort

SS Maheno Shipwreck: Once, a well-known trans-Tasman liner, The Maheno is the most famous of the Fraser Island wrecks and a must-see piece of Australian history.

SS Maheno Shipwreck at Fraser Island
SS Maheno Shipwreck // Supplied by Kingfisher Bay Resort

Lake Wabby: With deep green waters bordered by a giant sand dune, Lake Wabby is a truly picturesque and unique spot not to be missed. This dune is slowly moving into the lake and in centuries’ time will completely cover those green waters.

Central Station: Central Station offers a picnic area and educational display surrounding the early development of the island and its abundant flora and fauna. A boardwalk winds through lush rainforest around Wanggoolba Creek. This gives you a chance to see some of the world’s largest ferns.

Champagne Pools: The naturally formed rock pools are one of the island’s most visited hot spots. At low tide you’ll find calm pools and at high tide waves crash over nearby rocks. This fills the pools with frothy bubbles, just like a glass of champagne!

You can discover these locations and more, on a 1 or 2-day tour.

The regeneration of K’gari

At the moment, families have the unique opportunity to witness K’gari’s regeneration process. A very special experience that kids will always remember and learn from.

Incredibly, many areas of Fraser Island affected by the fires are already springing back to life, and inland tracks have already experienced significant regrowth. Ferns are out of the ground, trees are resprouting and the grass trees are beginning to flourish once more.  

Fraser Island unique rainforest
Fraser Island rainforest // Supplied by Kingfisher Bay Resort

K’gari’s plant-rich landscape is vast and unique. In fact, there is no other sand island on planet earth that can withstand so much life within such a high saline environment. This is in large thanks to the unique mycorrhizal fungi present within the island’s sandy terrain. Mycorrhizal fungi, or mycorrhiza, is a nutrient-rich, critical component of a plant’s microbiome. This makes it responsible for most life on planet earth and the perfect atmosphere for regeneration activity on Fraser Island.

Naturally, it is important follow any restrictions and respect the fragility of the environment, whilst Fraser Island is in its initial stages of regeneration. Current restrictions can be found here. 

From the glistening turquoise depths of Lake McKenzie, to the towering canopy of the Pile Valley rainforest… these iconic locations remain in pristine condition, and are ready for you to explore.

There’s never been a more important time to holiday local. And, with paradise on the doorstep ready to welcome families, why go anywhere else?