The ultimate North West Queensland adventure fit for the whole family

From Dinos, to canyons and culture, oh my! North West Queensland is the ultimate location for a family-friendly adventure, one that will make the kids (and you) smarter.

With COVID-19 restrictions halting families across the nation from travelling during the school holidays just gone, it is time to get planning to ensure the September break is better than ever! North West Queensland is home to eye-opening landscapes, country hospitality, rich cultural experiences and natural wonders that educate and inspire all who visit. But more than that, a trip to Outback Queensland supports the communities who have had a rough trot this year – from drought and fires to a global pandemic.

The best way to see North West Queensland is by packing the car and heading off on a good old fashion road trip. So, turn the screens off and put your game faces on for a few mandatory road trip games on the adventure out. I Spy and Categories is always a good place to start and maybe give the Number Plate Game a go too – the first person to spell their name using passing cars’ number plates wins. Of course, never underestimate the wonder of simply looking out your car window when driving through North West Queensland for a glimpse of its natural beauty.

Like every good road trip hotspot, this glorious area has natural wonders and activities aplenty. So, take in the below must do’s and get cracking with your September holiday bucket list.

History Lesson Fit for The Family: Take a guided tour through Undara Volcanic National Park. This 190,000-year-old volcano is home to the longest lava tube cave system in the world. If you’re tuckered out after exploring all day, you can stay the night in your very own railway carriage by booking through The Undara Experience.


An Indigenous Experience: Immerse yourself in an Indigenous experience and visit Mornington Island Art Centre (MIArt) for a day of culture, dance and storytelling. Celebrate the fusion of traditional Aboriginal art with modern techniques at MIART while learning about the vibrant colours and stories which inspire the artists.

Palaeontologist for a Day: With over 1,150 unique fossil specimens, Richmond’s Kronosaurus Korner, Australia’s premier marine fossil museum will open the kids’ minds to a whole new world of marine Palaeontology. You can even set out on your very own mini-palaeo adventure day where you can dig and gain expert knowledge on these incredible marine fossils.


Australia’s ‘Little Grand Canyon’: It is time to teach the kids to unplug and disconnect with a trip to Porcupine Gorge National Park. This impressive canyon shows off Australia’s natural beauty with rolling sandstone cliffs and crystal-clear water. Be sure to check out the outback Pyramid that has been created by the gorge’s movements which after a short walk can be used as a scenic lookout across the ancient landscape.


Calling All Budding Zoologists: Home to whistling ducks, sarus cranes, jabirus and brolgas, Carpentaria Shire’s Mutton Hole Wetlands is the perfect experience to teach kids about native flora and fauna. Spread your wings and try your luck at some bird watching in this peaceful pocket of North West Queensland.

You’ll Dig the Riversleigh Fossil Centre: Newly reopened in the wake of Covid-19, Riversleigh Fossil Centre in Mt Isa is an educational centre that allows visitors to interpret exciting fossil deposits dug from one of the richest deposit fields in Australia. There is something for everyone with interactive displays, audio-visual and lighting effects, and heaps of marvellous activities to keep you intrigued.

Unlimited adventure and most importantly, fun await those travellers seeking to explore the best of Queensland. Journeying around the Sunshine State’s towns is an Aussie bucket list must, which will inspire the whole family and support local communities who have been doing it tough. So, start planning your North West Queensland outback holiday today – the experiences on offer are sure to make both you and the kids smarter.

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