Want to stay in the ultimate family holiday house for just $10? Check this!

New research has revealed Aussies are thirsty for more playtime with their families. In response, Stayz – Australia’s original holiday home website – has created the ultimate family holiday house that will be made available for one weekend at the cost of a kid’s pocket money.

The national research, commissioned by Stayz, found seven in 10 Aussies believe that playing with kids helps to create stronger bonds and memories whilst six in 10 Aussies agree that parents feel guilty if they don’t have enough time to play with their kids thanks to work and household chores.

According to leading psychologist Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, a specialist in parenting, children and adolescents, play is not trivial.

“Nothing lights up the human brain like three-dimensional play with loved ones. Not only does play relieve stress, improve brain function, enhance creativity but it also improves our relationships and our connections to other people. Play is what helps us feel young and energetic throughout our entire lifespan.,” said Carr-Gregg.

With holidays being a great time to engage in the magic of play, the research also found that playing board games, swimming in the pool and making sandcastles are amongst the greatest holiday memories for Australians.

“We’ve all had a very serious 12 months and it’s left us craving some good times with loved ones. Time for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, nieces and nephews to escape into a game of cards, hide and seek, dress ups or Marco Polo in the swimming pool.  Time not to worry about work, homework or mowing the grass,” commented Simone Scoppa, Travel Expert for Stayz.

The ultimate family playhouse is available for one weekend in June for just the cost of a kid’s pocket money – for one lucky family!

To encourage Aussies to play, Stayz has created the ultimate family holiday playhouse at Castaway Beach near Noosa on the Sunshine Coast for $10 for one two-night stay only from 4 – 6 June 2021. The six bedroom house, which ordinarily costs around $1,300 per night on average, brings together all the favourite parts of family friendly Stayz holiday homes under one roof.

Complete with an outdoor cinema, a swimming pool decked out with toys, pool table, video games, giant lawn games, mini golf, bikes, scooters, books, board games and toys. It will also feature the items Aussies most want in a dream family holiday home according to the new research. Ranked the highest on a holiday home wishlist is high speed internet, swimming pool, cinema and a pantry stocked with treats.

“Set your alarm for Friday 23 April at 4.30pm AEST to  book the ultimate playhouse on Stayz. Only one booking available,” says Simone.

The home will be available to book at www.stayz.com.au/pushplay from 4.30pm AEST on Friday afternoon for $10 for stay dates Friday 4 and Saturday 5 June 2021 only, giving one family the opportunity to stay in the playhouse for the cost of child’s pocket money. Usual Stayz booking terms  and property rental terms apply.

For those who miss out on the limited Stayz playhouse booking, Stayz have curated a list of top holiday playhouses available for holidays across Australia for all types of budgets and family sizes.

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