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Gold Coast Mar/Apr 2020
The Technology Issue!


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Love it or hate it, technology is here to stay. Some days I love it – being able to write this on my phone whilst I wait to pick the kids up from school (yup, I really am!) is a huge plus. An iPad to keep the bambinos settled whilst I make dinner is a total sanity saver (c’mon, admit it, we all do it).

Yet technology also worries me due to the sneaky way it has infiltrated our everyday lives. Our kids are often so addicted to it that it’s become just another source of mama guilt and afternoon bartering. Plus, there is so much conflicting information out there! How do we know what’s the latest ‘right’ thing to do?

Too much technology is bad for kids, yet by the time they are grown and entering the work force, they will need to be uber tech-savvy to be employable.

Brain explosion, anyone?

So, in this issue we are tackling technology head on, exploring the good and not so good in the digital world.

And, as always, this issue is bursting with the latest news, events, product reviews, Easter activities and more, from across the Sunshine Coast.
Have a hoppy Easter!

EDUCATION: We visit Guardian Angels Catholic Primary School to find out all about their STEM program and how they are building brave and curious learners who are ready for an unknown future.

SPECIAL FEATURE: Kicking that mama guilt to the kerb, we look at the many positives of screen time.

EXPERT: The wonderful team from Parentline have some fab tips on how parents can use technology to strengthen family relationships.

HEALTH: Wondering about fast-tracking your little one’s water safety? Karen from Superfish Swim Schools joins us to share her expertise on strategies for maximising your toddler’s swimming development.

REGULARS: We have the region’s best Easter events and activities, news, kid-friendly goodies, books and movie reviews, and much, much more.



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