5 simple science experiments for kids you can do at home

National Science Week (14-22 August) is almost upon us, and there’s no better time for some family fun exploring the crazy and wonderful world of science experiments.

Need to some inspiration for simple science experiments for kids you can do at home?

We’ve put together the top trending Idea Pins on Pinterest, providing easy how to’s and endless inspiration for science experiments. And the best part? All you need are just a few everyday household items:

1. Lava Lamp Lessons

All you need: Clear cups, vegetable oil, food colouring, water, alka seltzer tablets

2.Toothpick Star Experiment

All you need: Toothpicks, water, a dropper or plastic syringe

3. Wiggling (Paper) Worms

All you need: Paper towel, textas, a skewer or stick, water

4.Amazing Ways to Experiment with Water

All you need: Water, cup, candle, spoon, glitter, an egg

5.The Lemon Volcano Extravaganza

All you need: Lemons, food colouring, vinegar, baking soda, dish soap, a large tupperware, popsicle stick


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