TRAVEL: Queensland's best 4WD destinations

30 October 2017

As soon as school holidays hit, getting the kids out of the house and away from technology can be hard. But perhaps a ride on the wild side might spark their imagination? Summer is the perfect time to make Dora the Explorer cool again, escape the city and adventure off the beaten track onto some of Australia’s best off-road adventures. Australia is home to wondrous beaches, rocky ranges, rainforests and deserts as long as the eye can see. Set the scene and take your kids on the trip of a lifetime. We give you the best 4WD adventures across Queensland that will have your kids bursting to get out of the house.

1. Tangalooma Island Resort

Looking for a place to go 4WDing without your own car? Experience a thrill like no other as you take to white sandy beaches alongside the crystal blue coastline of Moreton Island. Choose from two bespoke 4WD safari tours exploring north to take in the picturesque views at Cape Morton Light house, Champagne Pools and Honeymoon Bay or south to witness the raw and rugged coastline along the expansive Eastern beaches. If you’re feeling a little bit more adventurous, hire your own 4WD and create your own ultimate island adventure exploring the untouched National park of Moreton Island at your own pace. Only a short 75-minute ferry from Brisbane, both tours offer endless excitement and ‘wow’ moments for the whole family. Check out all the experiences you can have with the family, here:

2. Border Range Loop Drive

Fill up your 4WD and get ready to roll out on a three day adventure past waterfalls, trails along the country side and scenic mountain views on the Border Range Loop Drive. If you have older children and are after some family bonding, this one is for you. Forget the city lights and opt for a scenic drive with plenty of picnic stops and trails for every explorer. On the loop, you’ll hit Condamine Gorge River where your 4WD will come in handy. Expect to cross 14 gorgeous rivers and perhaps sight some endangered species if you’re lucky. Check out the track, here:

3. Rainbow Beach

Located north of the Sunshine Coast, Rainbow Beach is a must for any 4WD enthusiast! If you’re after a naturally refreshing 4WD adventure, Rainbow Beach offers spectacular views out to sea, and plenty of areas to explore with the family. Turn the wheel and visit the scenic hills of Carlo Sand Blow. There you’ll enjoy views of Double Point Island and Tin Can Bay. If your kids are more after an animal-spotting adventure continue heading up the sandy highway to Double Island Point Lighthouse where you can view a myriad of marine life, particularly turtles! To find out all the information you may need, visit

4. Bribie Island

Take on an impressive feat, brimming with adventure at Bribie Island. Home to a protected stretch of little beach nooks, the island has a variety of areas you can take your 4WD and stop for the day with the family. Head to the east side of the island for popular 4WD areas such as Woorim to start your journey along the shoreline. If the family dog wants to come along for the trip, there are off leash areas they can explore as well. It may all be fun and games but remember to be mindful of the tides so you don’t get caught among the tree line as it rises. Find out more about visiting Bribie Island, here: 

5. Cape York Track

Explore the tropical northern beaches of Australia on a 24-day adventure that will have every member of the family vertical – at least once or twice! From Cooktown to Seisia, this may sound like a very long drive but we promise no one will be saying, “Are we there yet?”. With incredible river crossings through the likes of Jardine River and dive worthy swimming holes to enjoy along the drive, there won’t be a moment of boredom. Make sure you pack enough food and make the most of the stops along the way – especially Lakefield National Park and Chili Beach. To plan your drive along the Cape York Track, visit:

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